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The company, founded in 1967 by Antonio Ferri in Pesaro, in over 40 years of activity, has designed and furnished shops, shopping centers and hotels throughout the national and international territory, gaining considerable experience and professionalism in the sector.

Since 1967

our work is only one:

Your space,

new or to be renewed.

"We are not afraid of large spaces: we can furnish them as if they were a small shop, and a small shop we can transform it into a large shop, because we know, with our experience, how to transform any space into an attractive and comfortable shop." cit. Ferri Antonio

In the photo, Ferri Antonio, Start of business (Pesaro 1967)

Shop Furniture Design: Effe Arredamenti

Our company is


Effe Arredamenti is design for shops and large commercial spaces, hotels.
From the two-dimensional layout to the three-dimensional graphic views, up to the renderings to achieve a complete vision of the project in all its parts.
Our projects, with both modular and customized furniture, offer you a complete and indispensable service to reach, get the best.

Shop Furniture Design: Effe Arredamenti

Our company is


Effearredamenti is complete production of furniture for shops, products not marketed but completely designed and produced by the company, unique and made in Italy.

Shop Furniture Production: Effe Arredamenti factory

Our company is


Effe Arredamenti is also a complete set-up on the place of furniture that it produces according to the project.
From the complete assembly of furnishings, to parquet floors, from decorative and advertising illustrations, to lighting.

Our company is


We are interior designers - Effe Arredamenti has been furnishing shops and commercial spaces for over 40 years.

Shop Decorators: Effe Arredamenti

We operate throughout Italy: Effe Arredamenti

We furnish shops

Throughout Italy, including islands

We operate throughout the country, including islands, throughout Europe and around the world.

We operate throughout Italy: Effe Arredamenti

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