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Furniture and Equipment Shop for Pets in Perugia

Happy to have designed and built in Perugia all the furniture and complete set-up for this large Shop of Products for Animals, Grooming, Parapharmacy and Veterinary, Mon Petit Village . Effe Arredamenti: Furniture for animal shops and pet shops

Realization Pet Shop Perugia Shop

Photo n. 010 - Impressive the external façade of this valuable animal products shop, grooming service, veterinary and parapharmacy.

Preparation Shop Petshop Perugia

Photo n. 020 - Preparation Shop Pet Shop Perugia, Furniture for parapharmacy area.

Parafarmacia Shop Animal products shop

Photo n. 030 - Parapharmacy counter for pharmaceutical products for animals.

Preparation Shop Products Animals Perugia

Photo n. 040 -

Gondolas and Shelving PetShop Store

Photo n. 050 - Heads of gondola e gondola for display of pet food cans.

Furniture for Pet Shop Pet Shop

Photo n. 060 - Furniture and furniture for displaying sunbeds, kennels and bowls for dogs and cats.

Furnishings Exposure Animal Croquettes

Photo n. 080 - Modular equipped wall for displaying croquettes.

Gondolas Exposure Bags Animal Croquettes

Photo n. 090 - Backless gondolas with large base displaying large bags of pet food.

Cash counter Modular display wall Animal Shop

Photo n. 100 - Counter for pesticides next to a modular display wall.

Furniture Exposure Clothing and Leashes for Animals

Photo n. 110 - Modular corner display wall for displaying pet clothing and leashes.

Wall Decor Display Toys For Animals

Photo n. 120 - Exhibition wall with animal toys.

Project details: Pet Shop Furniture
  • Activity type: Animals shop
  • Location: Perugia
  • Activity area: 800 sq. M
  • Plans: 2
  • Date: 2018

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