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In Italy, to do business you need a bit of madness, a lot of passion and a deep knowledge of the sector where you invest.
NoiSport has enclosed 40 years of history in new mega store of sports items projecting it into the future.
Today NoiSport is the best that can be imagined, indeed the fantasy is inferior to reality.
Just think of the 100 meter wall where it is the exhibition of 3.500 pairs of shoes from all sports up to the Lifestyle news.

Effe Arredamenti is proud to have designed, produced and set up this large 3500 sporting goods store:

Thanks NoiSport for this fantastic collaboration!

Effe Arredamenti, Design, production and installation  Sport Shops Furniture

Rome sports shop furniture

Photo 010 - Noisport Rome Store Entrance

Furniture Store Sportswear

Photo 020 - Complete furniture for casual and sportswear department for women and girls.

Set-up Shop for Vespa furniture accessories years 70

Photo 030 - Furnishing elements, wasps 70 years.

Furniture with reconstruction of the San Siro stadium sports shop

Photo 040 - Furnishing element, Reproduction of the San Siro stadium.

Luxury clothing store furniture

Photo 050 - Complete furniture consisting of paintings with illuminated images in the foreground for the Luxury clothing area.

Playing athletic track for sports shop

Photo 060 - Wall of 100 meters composed of display modules for footwear with led lighting and back in micro-perforated plate.

100 meters athletic track and sports shop furniture

Photo 070 - Reproduction of the athletic track, on the left display panels for sports shoes.

Furniture store outdoor sporting goods

Photo 080 - 50 meters wall covered with stone and furnished with display modules for clothing and trekking shoes.

display panels for children's footwear set design pacman

Photo 090 - Panels for children's footwear display with Pac man scenography.

Furniture Store child sports clothing

Photo 100 - Furniture for baby / boy clothing store.

Check out all the high resolution photos

Check out all the photos  of this extraordinary sports shop, from display furniture, to the cash desk, from modular walls for sports shoes, boxes with illuminated images, to LED-lit shelves for displaying bags, from gondolas to wooden shelving and much more.

Watch the video

Discover video lesson of this large sporting goods store that we have made for you.

Project details: Sport Shop Furniture
  • Business type: Sports shop
  • Location: Rome
  • Activity area: 3500 sq. M
  • Plans: 1
  • Date: 2019

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