Shop fittings in Genoa: Armeria

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Set up Armory Furnishings: Point of sale of weapons, hunting, ammunition, clothing and footwear.

Effe Arredamenti has designed, produced and executed in Genoa all the furniture for this weapon shop.
The shop is called County:point of sale for all products related to weapons, ammunition, rifles, guns, military clothing / hunting, optics for aiming, cutlery eccetra.

In total the furnished area was 150 square meters, a space that Effe Arredamenti has been able to enhance in all the details and needs of the customer.

Weapons Shop Furniture

Photo n. 010 -

Furnishings For Armory

Photo n. 010 - The exterior of this armored armory room made by Effe Arredamenti at the request of the customer is as seen well protected by a solid grating that prevents the bad guys from accessing the armory itself.

Furniture Shops Genoa

Photo n. 020 - Featured bilateral gondola for displaying military accessories. On the right, illuminated windows containing items and valuable military optics.
In the background, low furniture for external showcase display.

Furnishings Shops Clothing Military Hunting Sports Weapons

Photo n. 030 - In this corner in the internal structure of the store, you can see the display furniture for backpacks, clothing, military accessories.

Furniture Exposure Weapons Sniper rifles kalashnikov

Photo n. 040 - Furniture and interior cladding for armored room, wall with aluminum slats equipped for the display of weapons, rifles, rifles at distance, Kalashnikov eccetra.

Weapons Shop Furniture

Photo n. 045 -

Armerie Preparations

Photo n. 050 - Illuminated display cases for hunting items and airsoft sports, to be stored with more care and wall display elements.

Furniture Shops Military Products

Photo n. 060 - Military clothing arranged on adjustable height hanger rods with uprights for gondola and accessories.

Cash Desk For Armory

Photo n. 070 - Effe Arredamenti created the cash desk and the armory logo. Behind the cash desk, accessories and ammunition for weapons.

Furniture for armory and furnishing

Photo n. 080 - An overview of a shop area.
Visible the inclined hanger rods that allow you to optimize the display of goods and the two display windows, in the center of the windows is the entrance to the armored room for firearms, high above the walls have been positioned and fixed graphic prints that recall the typicality of the vebdita point.

Furniture Shop items for hunting

Photo n. 090 - External showcase, lower furniture with doors used in its upper part as a display surface for visibility from the outside.

Armored room room furniture

Photo n. 100 - Effe Arredamenti protects the area in which heavy weapons are exposed and guarded with this strong railing.

Project details: Furnishings For Armory
  • Activity type: Arms shop and related accessories
  • Location: Genoa
  • Activity area: 150 sq. M
  • Plans: 1
  • Date: 2017

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