Shop fittings in Bastia Umbra: Leather goods, Bags, Footwear and Accessories

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New Realization: Design, Production and Equipment Complete furnishings for Leather Goods, Bags, Shoes and Fashion Accessories in Bastia Umbra,
Furnished commercial space: 350 square meters.

Furnishings Per Shop Pink Leather goods Bastia Umbra

Photo n. 005 - Panoramic View, New Furniture For Store Pink Leather goodsin Bastia Umbra.

Project Furniture Shop Pink Pelletteria Bastia Umbra

Photo n. 008 - Bags Store Furniture Project, Footwear and accessories Fashion Big signatures.

Bastia Umbra Furniture, Leather Goods Shop, Bags and Accessories

Photo n. 010 - Furnishings for Store of Leather goods, Bags, Fashion Accessories e Footwear Bastia Umbra, in the foreground Mobili Teche, with upper display cabinet and display drawer, drawers with lower key. Back: Furniture and niche furniture with Led illuminated shelves and shelves for display of Twinset bags.

Fittings Furniture For Leather Goods Bags, Fashion Accessories and Shoes in Bastia Umbra (PG)

Photo n. 020 - Decorations Furniture For Point of Sale of Leather Goods Bags, Fashion Accessories and Footwear, made in Bastia Umbra (PG)

Wall-mounted Display Cabinets For Bags, Accessories and Umbrellas Bastia Umbra

Photo n. 033 - Wall-mounted Display Cabinets For display of Bags, Foulards and Umbrellas, realization in Bastia Umbra, Perugia.

Furnishing of the area Bench For Shop Pink Leather Goods Bags Accessories Footwear Bastia Umbra

Photo n. 035 - Furniture composed of Bench and structures in melamine-wood with illuminated compartments For Leather Shops, Bags, Accessories and Footwear.

Furniture Shop For Bags Patrizia Pepe, Bastia Umbra-Perugia

Photo n. 040 - Furniture with a bilateral exhibition wall for Patrizia Pepe, Bastia Umbra-Perugia bags.

Shop Corner Furniture Alviero Martini First Class Bags Made in Bastia Umbra

Photo n. 050 - Corner display walls composed of: Niche furniture complete with illuminated led shelves for display. Alviero Martini 1ª Classe bags, integrated door covered with printed advertising image, illuminated display case for Prima Classe fashion accessories.

Shop Furniture, Corner For Piquadro Bags, Realization in Bastia Umbra

Photo n. 070 - Furniture with two-sided partition wall display-Shop window for Man Piquadro Bags, Bastia Umbra-Perugia.

Furnishings with illuminated shelves For Love Moschino Bags Shop Made in Bastia Umbra.

Photo n. 080 - Illuminated display shelves for Love Moschino bags, Pink Pelletteria Bastia Umbra, Perugia.

Footwear Shop Decorations, Realization in Bastia Umbra

Photo n. 090 - Strapings For Footwear Area composed of: Uprights with concealed buttonholes for wooden shelves adjustable in height, test seat in melamine with padded cushion.

Bastia Umbra Shop Furnishings with display cases, Men's Bags and Leather Goods Shop

Photo n. 100 - Furniture for the area Leather goods, display cases with drawers for fashion accessories, illuminated belt holder.

Piquadro Bastia Umbra Shop Decoration for Bags and Leather Goods

Photo n. 105 -

Furniture with illuminated compartment for display of Prada and Furla bags.

Photo n. 120 - Illuminated compartment For the exhibition of Prada and Furla bags.

Illuminated Cabinet For Exposure Belts by Alviero Martini, First Class

Photo n. 130 - Illuminated cabinet for Alviero Martini Belts, First Class.

Wall Equipped with Shelves For Exposure Guess Footwear and First Class

Photo n. 140 - Wall System Equipped with Shelves for Exposure of Guess Footwear and First Class.

Particular Shelves for Exposure Guess Shoes

Photo n. 150 - Special system of adjustable shelves for Guess Footwear Exposure.

Portal with lacquered frame For Walls Equipped For Exposure YNot Bags

Photo n. 160 - Portal with niche covered with lacquered frame and internal Walls For the display of YNot Bags

Compartment and Furniture with Lighted Plans for Exposure Guess Bags

Photo n. 170 - Led illuminated compartment and furniture for displaying Guess bags.

Wall Furniture with Illuminated Shelves For Exposure Man Armani and Piquadro Bags

Photo n. 180 - Wall Furniture with Illuminated Shelves For Exposure Man Armani and Piquadro Bags.

Open furniture with illuminated shelves For Exposure Furla and Prada bags

Photo n. 190 - Open furniture with illuminated shelves For display of Furla and Prada bags, upper beam with backlit writing.

Video: Furniture For Fashion Bags and Accessories Shop, Pink Leather Goods

Project details: Furnishing Point of Sale of Leather, Bags, Footwear and Fashion Accessories.
  • Activity type: Leather and Fashion Accessories
  • Location: Bastia Umbra, Perugia
  • Activity area: 350mq
  • Plans: 1
  • Date: 2017

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