Shop Furniture in Rome: Footwear and Bags

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New construction in Rome historic center a few steps from Piazza di Spagna and Via Condotti.
Furnished and set up an elegant and luxurious shoe and bag shop.
Effe Arredamenti has designed and built a new shop of high quality bags and shoes. All the furniture is of exceptional aesthetic level, luxurious and modern, completely tailor-made, studied in every detail, glossy lacquering, thick shelves and details covered with polished steel edges, each top provided with LED lighting. The result was exceptional, a unique and elegant environment, luxurious and well lit, with bags and shoes enhanced and illuminated in the best way. The shop has been furnished and set up in the historic center of the capital, Rome, 2 steps from Via Condotti, Piazza di Spagna and Via del Corso.
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Shop decoration in Rome historic center

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Shop Rome Historic Center

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Furniture For Store Roma Centro Storico

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Rome center store furniture

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Furniture for shops in central Rome

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Rome historic center shop layout

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Project details: shop decoration in central Rome
  • Activity type: Footwear shop, accessories bags and leather goods
  • Location: Rome
  • Activity area: 140 sq. M
  • Plans: 1
  • Date: 2016

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