Furniture Shop Of Toys and Party Supplies in Bologna

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Furniture and Equipment Shop Toys in Bologna

Effe Arredamenti has designed, produced and executed the set-up of everything the furniture for this Toy Store in the center of Bologna: Toy shop, Party items, Stationery and much more.

Sterlino Toy Store inaugurates the second store in the center of Bologna, entrusting the setting up to Effe Arredamenti.

Thank you German for Collaboration and trust

Effe Arredamenti: Shop Furniture For Children and Toys

Furniture For Toys Store Bologna

Photo n. 010 - Furniture For Toy Store in Bologna

Furniture Shops Bologna Equipment Shop Toys

Photo n. 020 - Furniture Shops Bologna Set up Toys Shop

Plush Toy Store Exhibition Furniture

Photo n. 030 - Plush Display Furniture - Toys Shop Bologna

Counter with Display Tubes For Balloons Shop Party Items

Photo n. 040 - Bench consisting of: Front work bench, wall cabinet with display tubes for balloons, flaps for collecting balloons and lower doors for stocks.

Set Up Toys Shop Bologna Party Items Department

Photo n. 050 - Bologna Toys Shop Set-up - Party Items Department

Illuminated Wall Unit for Toys Display

Photo n. 060 - Illuminated Wall Unit for Toys Display

Wall Unit for Displaying Mylar Balloons Envelopes

Photo n. 070 - Wall Equipped for Displaying Mylar Balloons Envelopes

Plush Display Furniture Furniture

Photo n. 080 - Plush Display Furniture Furniture.

Outside Sterlino Toys Shop Bologna

Photo n. 090 - Toys Store Exterior - Sterlino Bologna

Project details: Bologna store furnishings

  • Business Type: Toys, Party Supplies, Balloons, Stationery, Books
  • Location: Bologna
  • Activity area: 200sqm
  • Plans: 1
  • Date: 2022

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