Furniture For Extreme Sport Shop in Livorno

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Furniture and set-up of an extreme sports shop in Livorno

New Furniture and Equipment Shop in Livorno for extreme sports, a shop specializing in the retail sale of clothing and accessories for extreme sports. Design, production and preparation for ValkiriaExtreme By Effe Arredamenti.

Shop fittings Extreme Sport Livorno

Photo n. 010 - Design, production and preparation of sporting goods shop.

Exposure Shopping Extreme Sport

Photo n. 020 - Service table for sports shop in the foreground, in the background modular wall with portal in glossy black wood illuminated by LEDs and graphic prints applied to the wall.

Photo n. 030 - The first floor gondolas hangers with tops for the display of clothing, in the second floor banners and shelves for the display of sports products in the window.

Photo n. 040 - In the picture: in the foreground Modular bench with display cases illuminated with led light.

Photo n. 050 - Furniture and wall stools for sports clothing and footwear, angled test cabin, in the foreground mobile test session for shoes.

Photo n. 060 -

Photo n. 070 - Equipped wall for displaying items for extreme sports: Wall equipped with parachuting glasses panel, hanging rods for shirts, hooks for socks and gloves, drawer unit for stocks, top with lower led lighting.

Photo n. 080 - First floor: cabinet with display glass case with LED lighting, in the second floor wall furniture for displaying parachuting helmets, all covered and framed by a wooden portal with LED lighting.

Photo n. 090 - Exhibition wall with helmets holder, background image printed on the wall.

Project details: Shop fittings Extreme Sport
  • Activity type: Sports shop
  • Location: Livorno
  • Activity area: 130 sq. M
  • Plans: 1
  • Date: 2018

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