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Furniture and outfitting of products for children, toys, clothing, footwear and food:

We were happy to design, produce and set up the complete furniture for a large shop in Matera of toys, clothing, footwear, hygiene products and food for children.

In total the furnished area was 1500 square meters, to visit, enjoy, and absolutely return.

Preparations for Children's Stores Matera

Photo n. 010 - An overview of the shop fully set up and furnished. Note the plants that cover the concrete columns. At the bottom and at the top, note the “soft” contrast between the green of the floor and the blue of the ceiling, meaning the usual environment of children, who play in the meadows and have the sky as their ceiling, at least in summer. Also note the long colored stripes that recall the rainbow, and that run along the ceiling for its entire length.

Furniture Stores For Children Matera

Photo n. 020 - We always talk aboutfurniture for children's store in Matera. This is a photograph of the area dedicated to children's clothing.
Note the image of the little girl in the foreground and in the large, which makes us understand intuitively where we are. The customer will have no difficulty in choosing what he likes best.
The child who will enter and choose is facilitated in this by the fact that the items of clothing are placed at a height appropriate to his own.
To get more specific: the furniture is composed of forms shaped with solid wood frame, built-in racks (the hinges on which hooks are hung) equipped with shelves, hanging rails and hooks.

Furniture Stores Matera, Shop For Children

Photo n. 030 - The large display area allows us in this case to arrange each piece of furniture in its own place, and also to space and to be able to think of inserting silhouettes of trees that cover the concrete columns, and a nice stork, which in his bundle he carries, as is traditional, a child.
We wanted to create an environment as close as possible to the sensitivity of the child, but also naturally to that of the parent who accompanies it. In fact, it is worth noting the wide distribution of the furniture, so that it is also possible to walk along it with the stroller; each creation is carefully designed to have a purpose,
a precise function in the exact context of this large commercial space, which is designed and studied with love and passion.

Furniture and Equipment Stores Matera, Juggling and Toy

Photo n. 040 - Furniture For Large Shop Juggling, Toys: We continue with our review, with which we want to bring you to appreciate our creation that is particularly close to our heart and to which we particularly care. In the foreground teddy bears that make every child happy.
In the background a nice silhouette of a mushroom and a tree, which recall the usual environment in which the child plays his games in the open air.
All this underlines the rusticity of the environment we wanted to recreate.
To note the nice wooden fences with built-in racks that bring even closer the child to a forest and woodland environment. In the background a nice balloon.

Furniture Stores Matera, Gondola for display Covers for Cots

Photo n. 050 - Here we have an overview of the store in perspective. Featured furniture with modular gondola for display of covers for cribs.
Note the multicolored stripes on the ceiling which, as we have already said, recall the colors of the rainbow.
In this photograph the light points are very well known, which give abundant, continuous and well-directed lighting.

Furniture For Large Shop Matera

Photo n. 060 - Here is another panoramic photograph taken from a different angle though.
While the previous photograph wanted us to notice the display of crib covers in the foreground, this photograph shows us the complete shop.
Note on the right the nice wall with exposed brick that recalls that of a castle, which reminds the child's imagination many things, and all pleasant.
Naturally these photographs were made to show the store in its realization.

Furnishings For Large Children's Shop Matera

Photo n. 070 - We are about to enter the Christmas atmosphere, and a beautiful Christmas tree fits us perfectly, as well as, of course, Santa Claus.
Note the long and spacious lane: on one side the furnishing of books for children, on the other hand, toys and stationery, to remind you that this shop is very liveable.
Of course we are always in the field of photographs taken from many angles, just to give you an overall idea of ​​the store.

Furniture Shops Matera, Toys

Photo n. 080 - Toys, Disney characters, stuffed animals department. Every child can indulge in his favorite characters.
They range from the classic Mickey Mouse to the panda, from the bear to the dog. Note, as already mentioned, the solid wood tables with built-in racks for display.
The shelves are naturally adjustable in height

Preparations Stores Toy Matera

Photo n. 090 - Furniture with metal and wooden shelving for the organized display of toys: the balloon and the tree guard this department dedicated to games and toys from above. Note the prevalence of green, blue and red, in addition to the multicolored toy boxes: green, as already mentioned, means the green of the grass, the blue of the sky, and red the color of liveliness and cheer.

Tested Gondolas Shop Toys

Photo n. 100 - Another variation on the theme of the toy exhibition. Note the characteristics and unmistakable heads of gondola shaped to give your shop a further sign of particularity and identifiability.
The shelves of different sizes (can be moved to suit your needs) can contain boxes of different sizes.

Set Design For Toys Shop

Photo n. 110 - Of course, what kind of forest would it be without mushrooms? To make the environment in which we find ourselves clear.
The mushroom completes the idea of ​​being in a fantastic, sylvan environment, where you will feel at ease, like us who have made it for you.

Furniture Shops Footwear Children Matera

Photo n. 120 - And now, the shoe department! In the foreground everything you need to dress your children's feet.
You will find practice sessions to sit down while your feet will try on your shoes. In the background, nice wavy lines simulate the waves of the sea and the sky is streaked with clouds!
Furniture Shops Footwear For Children Matera.

Furnishings Shops Clothing Children Matera

Photo n. 130 - In the foreground, Exhibition tables at various levels that contain clothes like T-shirts, pants, sports suits.
In the background, an autonomous display wall unit for girls. Ideal for displaying garments of all kinds and designs, including winter jackets.
Furniture Shops Clothing for children, Matera.

Furnishings Shops area Intimo Children

Photo n. 140 - What better characters than Tpolino and Minnie to introduce parents and children to the children's underwear display area?

Stationery area furnishings and products for the Children's School

Photo n. 150 - In this area you will find everything you need for stationery and stationery. Backpacks, squares, compasses, drawing sheets, notebooks, cases for school and more.
Furniture For display of stationery products for the school.

Display Tables For Toy Machines

Photo n. 160 - To exhibit larger items, such as these machines that will delight your children, are needed tables and display platforms.

Furniture Exposure Books For Children

Photo n. 170 - Of course next to the ward Stationery and stationery, the department could not be missing books, with Modular exhibition furniture for valuable publications for children.

Modular Wall Decor For Children's Clothing Store

Photo n. 180 - Next to the baby department, you will also find the baby department. Trousers, sweatshirts, T-shirts, jackets and winter suits.

Exhibition Gondola For Children's Clothing

Photo n. 190 - One more exhibition gondola dedicated to girls between three and eight years old. Jackets, sweatshirts and t-shirts that will make little girls happy.

Illuminated Modular Furniture for Healthcare and Cleaning Products for Children

Photo n. 200 - In this large gondola or backlit display wall unit we have the Health, all that is needed for the hygiene and cleaning of the baby.

Gondolas for the exposure and containment of diapers

Photo n. 210 - Another exhibition gondola that concerns hygiene and cleaning: on the grates you can see packages of baby diapers on display.

Modular Furniture with Shelves for Exposure Car Seats

Photo n. 220 - And now, on the perimeter display gondola with maxi floors, the necessary to transport the child in the car: seats of all shapes and sizes to make the child a perfect driver!

Furniture for Cribs and Children's Furniture Display

Photo n. 230 - In the exhibition area we are considering now, we find the furniture designed to expose the cots and changing tables for babies.

Project details: Furniture For Toys Shop Clothing Footwear and Feeding For Children
  • Activity Type: Children's Store
  • Location: Matera
  • Activity area: 1500 sq. M
  • Plans: 1
  • Date: 2017

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