Furniture for Majani Store, Bologna

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Furniture and Equipment for Majani Shop: The Italian chocolate that made history.

We were happy to have worked with Majani, historical brand in the field of chocolate since 1796.
Effe Arredamenti has designed, produced and prepared the complete furniture for this chocolate, chocolates and candies shop in Bologna.
In total, the furnished area was 70 square meters, therefore an area of ​​not large dimensions, but that Effe Arredamenti has been able to enhance in all the details, to meet the needs of this historic Italian brand.

Majani Bologna store decoration

Photo n. 005 - In this beautiful photograph, we show you the first floor of a Majani chocolate.
The rest of photography is blurred: let us guess it.
We wanted to show you the protagonist of the store.

Furnishings Shops Candy sweets

Photo n. 010 - Effe Arredamenti has achieved this grocery store with wall elements in a color matching the kind of goods on display, storage units with the upper floor for the display of chocolates and candies.

Preparations Stores chocolate shop Bologna

Photo n. 020 - Another point of view for the same exhibition space: here you can see the second central exhibition element in more detail. Note the graphic communication, appropriately studied and positioned, which advertises the company.

Majani Bologna chocolate candy shop decoration

Photo n. 030 - Wall element and advertising banner.
As you can see, the wooden shelves are equipped with transparent plexiglass containers to best display the various types of chocolates, candies and sweets.

Exhibition Furniture Chocolates and candies

Photo n. 040 - Overall view of the shop: in the foreground the central display element, on the right and in the center equipped display walls containing Majani products.

Preparation Shop chocolate Majani chocolate eggs

Photo n. 050 - Equipped wall with staggered shelves to obtain a good effect and give the right relief to the goods on display.
On the right column covered with printed and applied graphics.
Also on the right, exhibition furniture and other advertising banner.

Furnishings display gianduiotti, fiat cremino, easter eggs, Majani

Photo n. 060 - Another point of view for the same exhibition space.
In the foreground chocolates and candies contained in their transparent display trays, in the background and on the sides, Easter eggs and chocolate bars.

Cash counter Shop chocolates

Photo n. 070 - The decor of the point cash point has colors matching the rest of the store, that is brownish solid color and streaked brown that recall the colors of the products sold.
A large promotional image is applied to the back of the counter inside a chocolate-colored portal with the Majani logo in relief in gold.

Majani Store Furniture

Photo n. 080 - Detail of the previous image, i.e. the advertising banner behind the cash desk.
As you can see, the banner is made up of six squares, which illustrate Majani's historical products.

Modular wooden furniture for display Majani chocolates boxes

Photo n. 090 - Detail of the equipped modular display wall containing boxes of chocolates and other products.
The boxes, of different sizes, are displayed at their best and in neat and understandable files at first glance.

Store Majani Bologna

Photo n. 100 - Close-up of the brand that invited us to create its store.

Cremino Fiat Majani

Photo n. 110 - Another close-up, this time of a chocolate that made history, the Fiat Cremino, whose name takes up that of a well-known car manufacturer.

Video: Furnishings for Bologna, Majani, Chocolates, Chocolate and candy shops from 1796

Project details: Shop furnishings for chocolates and candies
  • Activity type: Food Candy Chocolate Shop
  • Location: Bologna
  • Activity area: 70 sq. M
  • Plans: 1
  • Date: 2018

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