Shop furniture in Perugia: Articles for animals

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Design, furniture production and preparation for a new large pet products shop in Perugia.
Furniture, furniture, shelves, counters and accessories for the best display of products for animals, furnished area 500 sqm.
Study, planning and realization by Effe Arredamenti.

Shop furniture in Perugia: Articles for animals

Photo n. 010

Set up Large furniture Products store Animals Perugia

Photo n. 020 - Large animal shop decoration furnishings Perugia, located on 2 floors.

Furnishings for Exposure products Shop Animals Perugia

Photo n. 040 - Furniture suitable for all types of products for exposed animals, in the foreground illuminated led display cabinets.

Large furniture production Perugia animal shop

Photo n. 050 - Design and production of complete furniture for a large store of products for animals, to each space its furniture.

Shelves Store Products Pets Grooming Perugia

Photo n. 060 - Metal shelving for displaying food for dogs in jars, alongside grooming department with table and chairs for customer waiting.

Realization shelves store animal products with grooming

Photo n. 060 -

Veterinary Furniture with Bench for Drugs

Photo n. 070 - Furniture with counter pharmacy / veterinary department for pharmaceutical products for animals.

Furniture store exposure drugs surgical instruments

Photo n. 080 - Wall furniture for displaying surgical instruments and drugs for animals.

Equipped wall displaying leashes and collars

Photo n. 095 - Furnishings wall for displaying leashes and collars for dogs and cats at 3 levels.

Furnishings wall display beds beds cushions dogs cats

Photo n. 130 - Modular wooden shelf furniture for displaying cribs, cushions, kennels for dogs and cats.

Decor gondolas for display food box dogs cats

Photo n. 140 - Metal shelves with door price for display canned foods for dogs and cats.

Furniture shelves display foods for cats dogs

Photo n. 150 - Metal shelving with door price for displaying packaged foods and in jars for dogs and cats.

Shelves stores for display crunchy cats dogs

Photo n. 160 - Wall shelves for displaying crunchy bags, in top celino visual with printed images.

Wooden shelves store display food snack animals

Photo n. 170 - Modular two-sided metal gondola elements with central peninsula equipped with raised wood for food and snake display for animals.

Furniture shelves display products cleaning hygiene horses

Photo n. 180 - Furniture and shelves for display products for horses hygiene and cleaning.

Gondola furniture shelves display brushes dogs and cats

Photo n. 190 - Furniture area modular gondolas for displaying brushes for cleaning dogs and cats.

Furnishings display products for birds

Photo n. 200 - Metal furniture and gondolas with plans for displaying products for canaries and birds.

Furnishings exhibit shampoo cleaners cleaning animals

Photo n. 210 - Furniture for shampoos and detergents for animals.

Equipment for displaying medical devices for animals

Photo n. 220 - Furniture exhibition of medical instruments and equipment for animals.

Furnishings for display of animal hygiene products

Photo n. 230 - Shop furniture for products for animal hygiene.

Furnishings exhibit products for fish

Photo n. 240 - Furniture display products and accessories for fish.

Furniture exhibit products animal bedding

Photo n. 250 - Gondolas for displaying litter and hygiene items.

Shelving furnishing display carriers and cages

Photo n. 260 - Gondola shelves for displaying cages and carriers.

Project details: Furniture for pet products shop
  • Activity type: Ngozio Products For Animals
  • Location: Perugia
  • Activity area: 800 sq. M
  • Plans: 1
  • Date: 2017

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