Shop furniture in Ferrara: sports and bicycles

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New Realization in Ferrara: Design, Production and Equipment Complete furniture for large shop and company store of bicycles for men, women and children.

Furniture Store Bicycles Ferrara

Photo n. 005 - Exhibition and welcome gigantography for shop entry.

Photo n. 010

Photo n. 010

Staging Furnishings Store bicycles, baby bicycle display boards

Photo n. 20 - In the picture: large curved two-level platforms for the best exposure of children's bikes and tricycles, floor-standing decorative cycle path reproduction.

Furniture Store Cyclette eSpinning Ferrara

Photo n. 30 - Bicycle shop furnishings: Exhibition furniture Exercise bikes and Spinning bikes.

Cash counter and retro bicycle store counter

Photo n. 40 - Cash counter with back counter for containing spare parts for bicycles and accessories.

Exposure platform for bicycles, corrugated road reproduction

Photo n. 50 - In the picture: Exposure platform for bicycles, scenographic reproduction of a road up and down.

Exhibition platform for circular bicycles

Photo n. 070

Platform for Exposure of bicycles for women and children.

Photo n. 080 - Platform for Exposure of bicycles for women and children.

Equipped Wall Helmets Bicycles

Photo n. 090 - Equipped wall for displaying bicycle helmets

Bicycle wheel rims

Photo n. 100 - In the picture: Particular accessory for the correct exposure of bicycle rims.

Project details: store furnishings in Ferrara
  • Activity type: Bicycle shop
  • Location: Ferrara
  • Activity area: 850 sq. M
  • Plans: 1
  • Date: 2017

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