Shop decoration in Salerno: clothing for children and toys

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New construction in Salerno: Design, production and complete furnishing for large clothing store, footwear, toys for children, furnished area 1500 square meters.

Furniture for children's shoes and clothing store - Construction in Potenza

Photo n.010 -

Furniture for children's shoes shop - Construction in Potenza

Photo n. 020 - Shop furniture: footwear department consisting of shoe furniture, test chairs, curved exhibitor modules with graphic headers.

Furniture set-up for footwear clothing store - Realization in Potenza

Photo n. 030

Furniture for shops for children's clothing - Potenza

Photo n. 040 - Furniture for children's clothing store consisting of: wall modules equipped with bilateral bends, headboards with backlit graphics, circular display at three levels.

Furniture for Children's Clothing Store - Power Construction

Photo n. 050

Back-lit curved wall furnishing

Photo n. 060 - Backlit equipped walls with upper curve, bilateral self-supporting.

Illuminated modules shelves

Photo n. 070

Furniture for toys and clothing store

Photo n. 080

Backlit Wall Shelves for Healthcare Children

Photo n. 085 - Modular shelf elements with light back for display of health products, Cosmetics for babies and children, products for children's hygiene, detergent creams.

Diapers display furniture

Photo n. 088 -
Complete furniture for diapers display.

Furniture Large Shop For Toys - Power

Photo n. 90

Set up shop for children's toys

Photo n. 100 -

Furniture and shelves for toy shops

Photo n. 110 -

Children's furniture shop set design tree

Photo n. 120 -

Children's furniture shop set design

Photo n. 130 -

Shelving for large toy store

Photo n. 140

Project details: Furniture For Toys Shop Clothing Footwear and Feeding For Children
  • Activity Type: Children's Store
  • Location: Salerno
  • Activity area: 1600 sq. M
  • Plans: 1
  • Date: 2017

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