Furniture Store in Bologna: Pharmacy

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New Realization: Design, Production and Equipment Complete furniture for Pharmacy in Bologna.

Shop decoration in Bologna: Pharmacy

Photo n. 10 - Pharmacy counter made up of modules with front covered by backlit prints and back with integrated drug drawer units

Retro bench furniture with Drug Drawers: Realization in Bologna

Photo n. 20 - Modular furniture for the back of the counter complete with: bottom, modular drawers for drugs, equipped walls complete with glass shelves adjustable in height with price gate, top Celini with backlit images.

Wall Furnishings for Pharmacy in Bologna

Photo n. 30 - Modular furniture for display of pharmaceutical products, Pharmacy realized in Bologna.

Single Desk Module with Drawers for Drugs

Photo n. 40 - Service counter module complete with drawers for drugs.

Modular Furniture for Pharmacies

Photo n. 50 - Complete Modular Furniture for Pharmacies.

Shelving for Pharmacies in Bologna

Photo n. 60 - Complete shelving for Pharmacy made in Bologna consisting of: Modular base drawer, height adjustable glass shelves, backlit superior decorative images.

Pharmacy preparation in Bologna

Photo n. 70 - Complete furniture set up for Pharmacy Made in Bologna.

Pharmacy Drawers for Pharmacy

Photo n. 80 - Modular drawer units for containment and organization of drugs, Pharmacy Realized in Bologna.

Wall with Drawers from Pharmaceutical Modular Pharmacies

Photo n. 85 - Wall covered with Drug Drawers, drawers with total extraction with dividers for the containment and classification of drugs.

Chest of drawers for drugs for pharmacy

Photo n. 90

Project details: shop furnishing in Rome
  • Activity type: Pharmacy
  • Location: Bologna
  • Activity area: 85 sq. M
  • Plans: 1
  • Date: 2016

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