Shop furnishing in Tuoro: Haberdashery

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Design, furniture production and preparation for new haberdashery and tailoring in Tuoro sul Trasimeno, Perugia.
Furniture and display furniture for sewing products shop and tailoring service, furnished area 150 sqm.
Study, planning and realization by Effe Arredamenti.

Shop furnishing in Tuoro: Haberdashery

Photo n. 010

Preparation Merceria Banchi Perugia

Photo n. 020 - Furnishing composed of: workbenches with drawers and doors, second floor modular accessorial exhibition wall.

Furnishings for Haberdashery Tuoro Trasimeno Perugia

Photo n. 030 - In the foreground furnishing composed of a two-sided display gondola with headboard for the display of wool and knitting needles.

Bench with illuminated display cases for Haberdashery

Photo n. 040 - Counter with central display windows with led lighting for display of haberdashery products.

Equipped Wall Furniture Exposure Ribbons Haberdashery

Photo n. 050 - Modular accessorized furniture for the display of ribbons, zippers, sewing etc.

Equipped Wall Exposure Yarns Balls for Haberdashery

Photo n. 060 Modular wall / wooden shelves with shelves and dividers for the exposure of balls, lower lower drawer for stocks.

Equipped Wall Exposure Filati Buttons Haberdashery

Photo n. 070 - Wooden storage wall / shelf for displaying buttons, yarns and spools. small parts etc.

Tailoring furnishings

Photo n. 080 - Furniture with bench for tailoring area.

Furnishing For Tailoring Sewing Haberdashery

Photo n. 090 - Corner design furniture with workstations and sewing machines.

Shop furnishing in Tuoro: Haberdashery

Photo n. 100 - Furnishings preparation for haberdashery and tailoring shop.

Cash Desk For Merceria Shop made at tuoro sul Trasimento

Photo n. 110 - Cash counter with illuminated display case.

Gondola Espositiva for balls of wool and yarns Merceria

Photo n. 120 -
Exhibition gondola for balls, wool and haberdashery accessories.

Project details: Haberdashery and Tailoring Furnishings
  • Activity type: Haberdashery Tailoring
  • Location: Tuoro sul Trasimeno (PG)
  • Activity area: 290 sq. M
  • Plans: 1
  • Date: 2017

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