How to furnish a shopHow we work

To achieve a winning result and create a successful shop follow the steps above how to set up your shop, naturally, the design collaboration with the customer is fundamental, for this reason the company is committed to meeting the required needs both with the wide range of modular and modular furniture but also with custom-made and project furniture.


1. The contact

Customers can contact Effe Arredamenti through the contact form, phone, or email, they can also go to the company to get to know each other directly and visit the new showroom.

Timetable: 09: 00 - 12: 00 and 14: 00 - 18: 00 from Monday to Friday, or Saturday morning with an appointment.


2. The project

After evaluating the needs of the customer, Effe Arredamenti proceeds to create a project that respects the design rules acquired in 35 years of work, taking into account the customizations required by the customer and these factors:
1) Beauty and design always fashionable and in step with the times
2) Colors, finishes, materials suitable for modern shops
3) Functionality, stability and safety of the furniture
4) Strength and lightness of the structures
5) Compatibility of all accessories with wall modules and room-center modules
6) Optimization of space, passages, routes, identification of product departments, cash desk and its shape.
7) Optimization of costs and production systems.
Thanks to the staff of 3D design professionals, the project will be presented to the customer in a pleasant, clear and transparent way.

3) Collaboration with the Customer

How to furnish a shop to achieve a winning result? How to furnish a successful store? Project collaboration with the customer becomes fundamental,
for this reason the company is committed to satisfying the required needs both with the wide range of modular and modular furnishings but also with custom-made and project-based furnishings, in order to optimize the functionality and aesthetics of the space.


4) Why choose to work with Effe Arredamenti?

1) Because it has over 40 years of experience in the sector
2) Because it invests in its customers, their full satisfaction is the best business investment
3) Do not buy or sell anything, designs and produces all its products, which are tested and tested to never leave anything to chance
4) Offers a complete store design and layout
5) Offers after-sales advice.


5) Why should you furnish a shop with Effe Arredamenti systems?

Our furnishing systems are based on a logic of modular, modular and made-to-measure furnishings that make the store functional and modern, but above all guarantee ease in changing the layout and the products on display (remove the tops from an area and insert them in another, put the hangers where the shelves used to be, remove the hanging display case and hook it to another area, etc.).
Our furnishing system allows a simplified, quick and fast shop management thanks to the use of mounting systems without screws or bolts.
You can therefore transform the layout and display of your store quickly and easily.
Effe furniture furnishings are made to last over time.


6) Production Times

Effe Arredamenti reserves about 25 / 35 days for the production and delivery of all the furniture for the store as project from the time of order definition, regardless of the size in square meters of the space to be furnished.


7) Delivery and assembly

After the 25 / 30 days necessary for the production, Effe Arredamenti will send on site, in the day and at the agreed time, all the furniture and a team of expert professionals with the task of fulfilling the assembly of all the furniture and the 'preparation for the store as per project.
On average the assembly is fast thanks to the modular furnishing systems and varies proportionally to the surface sqm of the commercial space, which revolves around the 1 or 2 days for the 60-80 square meters at 6-7 days for 1000 stores square meters and so on.


8) Do you already own a store and want to integrate it?

Effe Arredamenti also naturally supplies all its products individually, hanging rails, broches, gondolas, clothes racks, equipped walls, shelves and much more, which can be collected ex works, or shipped to the destination.

Do you want more information on this or other furnishing options in your store? Contact us