Modern rooms

Furnishings for Modern and Contemporary Rooms for Hotels

Effe Arredamenti is Preparation and Furniture for Modern and Contemporary Hotel Rooms in which beauty, design and class converge to enhance the room space dedicated to its customers with balance and harmony.

Preparation Modern Rooms For Hotel

Hotel Classic Rooms

The Classics

Classic Room Set Up for Hotel

Hotel furnishings and equipment in classic style: the charm of a style that is always alive and timeless, the style that transmits warmth transformed into a comfortable, rich and at the same time natural and serene room.
Colors, fabrics, woods and materials: all professionally designed and well matched to recall a glorious style of our history that Effe Arredamenti has managed to make savor.

In Style

Furnished Rooms in Style

Industrial style or Shabby chic style? American or Liberty? Vintage or Rustic Style ?, there are many styles of hotel rooms that we have furnished and set up, Look at some of the creations we have created and implemented with different styles according to the nature and style of the hotel, hotel or accommodation facility.

Room layout Industrial style Hotel

Room Facilities Suite For Hotel

The Suites

Set up of suite rooms for hotels

The Suite, a particularly large room to make your customers feel immediately at ease.
Usually spacious with a double bed and maybe a third bed or a sofa bed, tables with chairs, a large wardrobe, a spacious desk, a sofa and much more.
Effe Arredamenti is Design, Production and Equipment of Suites for Hotels and Hotels.

The Businesses

Double and business rooms for hotels

Production and preparation of double and business rooms for hotels and hotels.
Large, spacious and comfortable, usually equipped with large 2 and comfortable beds

Double Room Business Facilities For Hotel

Sketch Projects Hotel Rooms

The method

Design / Estimate

Send The map of the rooms of your Hotel to receive a free project proposal for free and without obligation.

Production / Sample Chamber

Complete production Room furniture, Curtains, upholstery, lamps, tables for suites, chairs, beds and much more, products made by us and completely made in Italy
Possibility on request to realize the sample chamber

Set up and assembly

Together with you we will decide the date of assembly and preparation for all the rooms of your hotel.

You have to set up or renovate the rooms
of your Hotel?

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