References Contract Hotel Furniture

Discover the Hotel Contract furniture and fittings realized in Italy and in the world.

Hotel Luna

Hotel 4 stars, Riccione

Design, production, preparation and contract of n ° 40 rooms for this prestigious Hotel in Riccione, Realized both the suites, the double rooms, from double rooms to mini apartments residence.

Hotel setup in Riccione

Hotel 5 stars in Florence

Hotel Golden Tower

Hotel 5 stars, Florence

Hotel in 5 stars, extremely rich and luxurious, in classical style located in the historic center of Florence, a stone's throw from the old building.
Design, production, fittings and contract furniture of n ° 30 rooms, lobby entrance hall, bar counter, chairs and tables, upholstered, common areas, hall, reading room.

Hotel Miramare

Hotel 4 stars, Ischia

N ° 40 rooms created for this wonderful Hotel Resort located in one of the most beautiful places in Italy, complete set up of all the rooms, from the furnishings to the curtains, from the small armchairs to the beds.

Hotel Luise

Hotel 4 stars, Trento

Design, production, preparation and contract of rooms, common areas, hall, reading room, reception desk and upholstered furniture, Hotel located in the province of Trento.

Hotel facilities in Trento

Hotel Lindner

Hotel 5 stars, Frankfurt

140 are the rooms created for this impressive and modern German accommodation.
Furniture production, supply of chairs, lamps, fabrics, sofas, armchairs and much more for this great 25 Hotel.

Comfort Hotel

Design for a winning result

Complete design in every detail, from hand-made sketches to three-dimensional design and then move on to creating beautiful rendered visualizations of the project. All this and not just to get a truly winning result for this 4 hotel in Rome.

Hotel setup in Rome

Contract Hotel in Fiumicino

Hotel Tiber

Hotel 4 stars completely renovated

An imposing and modern tourist accommodation structure overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, Hotel Tiber: complete design of the hall, reception, common areas and Bedrooms, hotel located in Fiumicino, Rome

Hotel Corallo

Facilities Hotel 4 stars, Riccione

Happy to have participated in the 'preparation of a part of the rooms for this prestigious and luxurious hotel in Riccione.

Hotel Sarti

Hotel 4 stars in Riccione

Construction and renovation for this tourist hotel structure at 4 Riccione stars. Design, production, contract and set-up Hall, Reception, Bar, Restaurant, waiting room and double bedrooms, suites, business and doubles.

Hotel furniture in Riccione

Furnishings Hall Reception Hotel delondres Rimini

Hotel De Londres

Hotel 4 stars set up in Rimini

Hotel De Londres, located in a prestigious position along the seafront of Rimini. Design, production and layout of the Hall, common areas, curved reception desk, upholstered furniture, restaurant, room set up and much more.

Hotel Hyatt Regency

Hotel 5 stars Kyrgyzstan

Important and modern luxury accommodation complex at 5 stars, located in the center of the capital Bishkek, 396 rooms, hall, reception, meeting room and common areas.

Contract References:

Hotel Rizzi Aquacharme - Brescia

Hall layout, reception desk, common areas, bar, restaurant and 45 rooms.

Hotel Marconi - Bologna

Preparation of 70 rooms complete with curtains, upholstery and custom furniture.

Hotel Villa Cappugi - Pistoia

Complete contract, hall, reception, common areas + 70 furnished rooms.

Hotel Imperiale - Rimini

over 55 rooms created for this important Rinini hotel.

Hotel Olimpia - Pavia

Hotel setup complete and 37 designed and furnished rooms.

Hotel Domina inn - Malpensa

Complete contract for this Malpensa Hotel + 70 designed and equipped rooms.

Hotel Chiara Luna - Civitanova Marche

Hotel complete equipment, from the lobby to the restaurant and 30 rooms.

Hotel Touring - Bologna

Realization of 30 fully furnished rooms.

Hotel Demidoff - Florence

Furniture and complete contract for 25 rooms in Florence.

Hotel Nyala - Sanremo

Contract and custom furniture for n ° 40 rooms

Hotel Duchi della Rovere - Senigallia

N ° 23 furnished rooms.

Hotel Carlton - Ferrara

Made complete hotel, Hall + reception + restaurant + 60 furnished rooms.

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