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Furnishings and fittings Enoteche, Arredi wine shops, typical products.

Not just Wine! TOfurnishings and fittings for wine bars, wine shops, wineries, wine cellars, typical products: beautiful, practical and sturdy wall units, modern or in a rustic style, essential to give the products the right balance between image and organization, communication and harmony of space. Shelves adjustable in height, at an internal or external angle, so as to exploit every portion of the wall.

Thanks to 3D design technologies we can allow you to view the your shop already furnished, this will allow you to evaluate every aspect of the store furnishings and take care of every detail.

If you need to furnish and set up a wine shop, a wine shop, liquor, prosecco, a winery or a shop of typical products, do not wait, Contact us!


Furniture for wine shops and wineries

Photo n. 010 - Furniture and outfitting for cellar / winery, custom-made furniture for displaying wine products and bottles of wine.

Furnishings Enoteca Design Production Preparation

Photo n. 013 - Furnishings and fittings for wine and oil shops for farms

Furniture For Wine Shops and Wine Shops

Photo n. 015 - Furnishing and set-up for wine shop and wine shop: realization in Bologna.

Wine and Typical Products Shops

Photo n. 020 - Furnishing and setting up of a wine shop and typical products, using a modular furniture with equipped walls in a modern style in stark contrast to the old and renovated restaurant.

Prosecchi Wine Shop Set-up

Photo n. 030 - Complete furniture for wine and prosecco shop, LED-lit furniture for displaying bottled wines and bulk wines.

Furniture Shops Wines Design Production

Photo n. 035 - Furniture for wine shop at farms, furnishings consisting of: display gondola for wine bottles, tiltable display shelves with bottle lighting, cash point, backlit images, mobile dispenser for bulk wines and much more.

Retro Counter Furniture For Tapping Bulk Wines Wine Mixing For Wine Shops

Photo n. 035 - Example of Retro counter furniture for wine bars composed of: worktop complete with stainless steel tank and grate for collecting excess wine, wooden back with integrated taps, lower cabinets with doors, upper sign with LED illuminated logo, side boards, side displays.

Furniture Shop typical Pantelleria products

Photo n. 040 - Furniture for wine shop and typical products designed and built in a "rustic" style with treated materials: metal with rust-like paint and pickled wood.

Furniture and Shelves for Typical Products Store

Photo n. 050

wine cellar furniture preparation tasting room

Photo n. 060 - A warm and welcoming environment to display your finest bottles, furniture and complete set-up for wine tasting room for cellar, farm and winery.

Furniture and furniture for winery and typical products

Photo n. 070

Shelves for wine show shop

Photo n. 080

Photo n. 090 - Example of Furnishing and Equipment for Estate, Wine Cellar

Furniture for Wine Shops Modern Design

Photo n. 100 - Example of Furniture for Wine Shops with Modern Design.

Wine shop furnishing shelf display liqueur limoncello

Photo n. 110

Wall decor design display bottles of prosecco wine

Photo n. 120 - Design wall furniture for displaying bottles of wine and prosecco, display areas with LED lighting.

Furnishings and fittings for wine shops

Photo n. 130 - Complete furnishings for wine shops and wine shops starting from € 5500

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