Equipped walls and store shelves

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Shelves and Walls Equipped For Shops

A world of solutions for the walls.

Effe Arredamenti designs and produces a wide range of Shelves, Shelving and Walls equipped for shops.
Dogati panels, melamine and metal shelves, with slotted uprights or with incorporated rack, smooth or slatted backs or exposed walls with rack hooked directly to the wall and much more.
All products are of our exclusive production, entirely unique, original and Italian, made with the best materials, Effe Arredamenti exclusive design.

Equipped walls and wooden shelving elegant and functional, also perfect for clothing stores

Photo n. 020 - Equipped walls and wooden shelving for clothes shops and not only, modular and modular accessories with wooden / glass tops, hooks, hanging rails, etc. thanks to the minimal aluminum rack incorporated in the wooden panels. An elegant, clean and not cheesy, but at the same time solid and functional furniture line.

Equipped walls and two-colored shelving with racks

Photo n. 030 - Example two-colored equipped wall with colored finishes, ideal for clothes shops. A wall furniture with a new and clean look for the organized and interchangeable display of the exhibited items.

Example backlit equipped panels for shops.

Photo n. 040 - Example equipped backlit panels for shops.

Example of accessorized wall: uprights in aluminum and painted metal

Photo n. 050 - Example of accessorized wall: uprights in aluminum and painted metal, ideal to equip the wall in a simple, economical, practical way without covering the wall.

Equipped walls and shelving ideal for stationery and cartolibrerie

Photo n. 070 - Modular wall system furniture for stationery cartolibrerie, copy shops and chancellery shops.

Furniture composed of wall shelving: modular and accessorized, ideal for computer and computer stores

Photo n. 080 - Modular equipped wall furniture for computer, computer, home appliances and electronics stores.

Equipped walls and shelving ideal for shops of products and clothing for children

Photo n. 090 - Modular equipped and accessorized display walls to be chosen for children's shops.

Equipped walls and shelving for optical stores, glasses display

Photo n. 100 - Furnishing walls equipped for shops of optics and glasses exposure.

Equipped walls and shelving for sports products stores

Photo n. 110 - Furnishing walls equipped with accessories that can be accessorized for sports stores.

Equipped walls and shelves for the display of books, ideal for bookcases

Photo n. 120 - Modular wall furniture equipped specific for shops of books or bookcases, which can be accessorized thanks to bookshelves for upright and stave hooking.

Equipped walls and wooden shelving ideal for tobacconists, receivers and newsagents

Photo n. 130 - Design and production of modular furniture and walls for tobacconists, newsagents.

Equipped walls and modular wooden shelving perfect for gift shops and gifts

Photo n. 140 - Production furnitures walls equipped modular for gift shops and gifts.

Equipped walls and wooden shelves backlit for Pharmacies, parapharmacies and health

Photo n. 150 - Modular and modular furnitures and modular furniture for pharmacies, parapharmacies, health, orthopedics.

Equipped walls and shelves in wood and glass ideal for perfumeries and cosmetic products.

Photo n. 160 - Modular equipped wall furniture specific for perfumeries and cosmetics shops, optional accessories, backlit panels, light prints.

Equipped walls and wooden shelving for bakeries and food

Photo n. 180 - Design and production of equipped walls and modular wooden shelving for Bakeries and food

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