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Furnishings and fittings TABACCHERIE RICEVITORIE BAR

Effe Arredamenti is Design, Production and Set up of furnishings for tobacconists and bar receivers with a high level of customization.
Our furnishings enjoy a high level of customization: this means that you can organize them according to your wishes thanks to their modularity and composability.
Cigarettes, smoking articles, liquids for electronic cigarettes, scratch cards, Sisal and Lottomatica find the most effective display and organization for sale, thanks to the furnishing systems Effe Arredamenti, which has conceived, designed and developed to leave nothing to the case and offer you all the potential for create with us a new, modern, functional and captivating tobacco shop.

Discover the Examples, ideas and solutions su how to furnish a tobacconist together with us so Modern, Professional and convenient, dai Glass shelves to display counters with display cases, illuminated display cases, perimeter walls (store walls), drawer units, storage cupboards, back-lit equipped walls, card holder, push automatic packages, Bar counter, this and much more is the essential that Effe Arredamenti offers you for your retail outlet of Tobacconists and Ricevitorie.

If you need to furnish or renovate the furnishings of a tobacconist's or bar don't wait, contact us!

Tobacconists, lobbies, furnishings, displays and complete furniture, design and production of furniture

Photo n. 007 – Furnishings and complete furniture For Tobacconists, Receipts and services, Realization carried out in Terni, From the Project to the survey on site up to the complete assembly of the furniture.

Furnishings Tobacconists Receivers

Photo n. 010 - Effe Arredamenti has created this complete furniture for Tobacco shop, Ricevitoria and Newsstand, in addition, two areas dedicated to the Stationery / Bookstore and a small space for gift items and toys have also been furnished.
The large cash desk extends for almost the entire commercial space, which is divided into workstations based on the service offered.

Furniture For Tobacco Shops

Photo n. 020 - In the photograph, Effe Arredamenti has created this complete furniture for tobacconists, bookies and scratch cards.
In the foreground the cash desk and the reception counter with upper tops (tops) in marble, inside the counter, on the shopkeeper side, assortment of tops, drawers, open compartments, computer compartments and pull-out shelves.
Second floor retro counter made up of modular wall equipped with glass tops and exhibitors for traditional cigarettes but also exhibitors for iqos and glo, base drawers, ceilings (upper parts of the shop) with backlit prints.

Tabaccheria arredamenti

Photo n. 030 – Modern Tobacconist's complete with furniture for reception desks, tobacco displays, counter, illuminated display cases for displaying gift items, display furniture for display case set-up.

Bar Furniture and Equipment Tobacconists Ricevitorie

Photo n. 035 - Complete furniture for Bar Cafeteria and Tobacconist's, consisting of long wooden counter with backsplashes, steps for candies, Scratch and Win display, bar counter, snack cabinets and counter for snacks.

Example of modular counter for tobacconists, receivers, newsagents and stationers

Photo n. 037 - Example of Counter For Tobacconists, Receivers, Newsagents and Stationeries, Modular counter for tobacconists consisting of: curved counter module, illuminated display counter module, splashback counter module, display counter module for candies and reception counter module.

Design Example of Tobacconist's Reception Services Furnishing in a Shopping Center

Photo n. 037 – Example of furniture design for tobacconist's office and services in a shopping centre

Furniture For Tobacco Shops

Photo n. 040 - At a shopping center in Bologna, Effe Arredamenti  made the furniture for this tobacconist's and bookshop.
Note the intuitive classification of the sales counters: on the right the bookshop, on the left the tobacconist.
Check out the other photos on this realization!

Furnishings For Bar Tobacconist's, Catering, Cafeterias

Photo n. 045 – The Counter is positioned in the close-up photo and is made up of: on the left Bar counter for food preparation and glass display case with lower bar fridge cells. In the center Refrigerated snack display counter, to the right tobacconist's counter with stepped display for sweets and cash register. Back Bank: on the left  Bar counter in stainless steel for coffee machine complete with hopper and compartments, in the centre counter module with sink and dishwasher compartment  stainless steel, right back counter for displaying packets of cigarettes and loose tobacco.

Photo n. 050 - Complete furniture for Bar / Tobacco shop, consisting of a long wooden counter with upstand and LED-lit display compartments, rear counter for cigarettes display on the right and left corner bar furniture

Furniture Preparation Tobacconists Ricevitorie Rome

Photo n. 055 - Example of Furniture and Equipment for Tobacconist's, Ricevitoria and gift items made in Rome.

Retro Bank Cash Counter Tobacconist

Photo n. 060 - In this photographic point of view the retro cash desk for tobacconists and receivers with sisal terminal stations, enriched as you can see with shelves, open compartments and drawers, all to make your experience as a shopkeeper as simple, organized, comfortable and practical as possible.

Illuminated cigarette displays for tobacconist's shop

Photo n. 070 - In the photo: Wooden portal containing modular cigarette packet display racks, adjustable in height e led lights. Tobacco shop designed, manufactured and set up by Effe Arredamenti.

Furniture For Bar-Tobacconist's complete with Bar Counter and Back-counter

Photo n. 070 – In the photo: Furniture For Bar-Tobacconist's complete with Bar Counter and Back-counter.

Bar Furniture Tobacconist's Reception Newsagent Cocktail Snack Bar

Photo n. 075 - Effe Arredamenti has created thecomplete furnishings for this Cocktail Snack Bar, Tobacconist, Newsagent, and Bookshop .
Four shops in one, for different needs.
On the left the bar counter, with display of food and snacks to calm the appetite, enjoy good coffee or cocktails and good wine, tables and chairs in the center and on the left, for a moment of relaxation with the people dear to us.
We have made the most of one space, to group four different types of commercial activities.

Furnishings Installations Tobacconists Newsagents

Photo n. 080 - In this beautiful photograph, you can see how Effe Arredamenti created thefurniture and equipment for tobacconist, newsagent and corner bar.
At the central cash desk surround the walls equipped to contain the items you intend to display and sell. Below, on the right, drawers for stocks.
Note above the exhibitor scratch cards hanging from the ceiling.

Furniture and Design For Tobacconists Ricevitorie Newsagents and gift items

Photo n. 085 - Furniture and Design for Tobacconists, receivers, newsagents and gift items.

Mobile Banco Tabaccheria Ricevitoria and Retrobanco

Photo n. 090 - In the photograph, Effe Arredamenti has created this cash desk for tobacconists and receivers with glass backsplashes.
In the background walls equipped with wooden shelves and dividers for the display of cigarette packets.
To note the nice chandeliers.

Photo n. 100 - In this photograph: allestimento tabaccheria, receivables and cartoleria built in Ravenna, the space is divided into two areas, one reserved for the sale of tabaccheria and ricevitoria, the other reserved for Stationery shop.

Preparation of the Tabaccheria Furnishings Receipt of smoking items

Photo n. 110 - Ttobacco shop and betting shop built in Cattolica, display wall behind the counter with shelves and automatic cigarette pack pusher

Display Cabinets Cigarettes and loose tobacco with maps

Photo n. 120 - As you can see in this photograph, we wanted to show you the furniture and furniture behind the tobacconist's counter, consisting of cigarette displays, drawer units, furniture with doors, display cases, panels with aluminum slats (i.e. the channels where to insert the hooks for tops and blister pack ).

Furniture Snack Bar Tobacconist

Photo n. 130 - Effe Arredamenti has created this furniture complete with chairs, bench and tables for snack bar e tobacconist's.
Note the bright and attractive colors of the chairs, the lighting that descends from the ceiling (chandeliers and light points), the semicircular counter for the display of food products, in the background the tobacconist counter.

Banco Tabaccheria with illuminated windows

Photo n. 140 - Effe Arredamenti has created this display counter for this tobacconist and bookshop, characterized by large lower illuminated windows, an upper scratch card display to make the most of the space, back-counter with display modules for cigarettes both in classic packets and loose shredded tobacco in envelopes, while at the bottom and at the top there are storage units with sliding doors for stocks.

Furniture for Tobacco Shops

Photo n. 160 - The photograph is taken from our show room, which you are welcome to visit.
Here the standard furnishings of a newsagent, tobacconist's and various smoking items, bookstore are shown.
Naturally the furniture you require will follow your needs and those of the place where you want to set up the business.
To note the glass uprights of the section of the ticket office and the aerial arrangement of scratch cards, excellent for this section.
The bright colors satisfy the sense of sight and invite you to purchase.

Receiving tobacconistry with illuminated desk modules and glass backsplashes

Photo n. 170 - In the foreground the betting section with the now classic aerial arrangement of scratch cards.
In the background, exhibition walls equipped for the most diverse types of goods, starting from newspapers and cigarettes.

Mobile Back Counter Display Tobacco Illuminated Led

Photo n. 180 - Rear cabinet for Tobacco display consisting of: height-adjustable wooden shelves with LED lighting complete with automatic packet pushers, backlit upper banner.

Modular Walls Equipped for Tobacco Shops

Photo n. 190 - Equipped display walls with specific accessories for tobacconists and betting shops. In this photograph you can admire a long counter with glass backsplashes.
On the left the section dedicated to scratch cards.
At the center the tobacconist section. On the right, the magazines and newspapers section.

Modular Walls for Tobacco Shops Exposure Scratch and Win

Photo n. 200 - Beyond the cash desk with goods on display, modular wall equipped for the specific display of cigarettes and scratch cards.
Top banner ads.
The display of scratch cards returns to being above cigarettes.

Mobile workstation Compilation Scratch Cards

Photo n. 210 - On the left the cash desk; in the center are the workstations for the receivership and for filling out the coupons.

Bench retro Banco Tabacchi

Photo n. 220 - Cash desk with rounded corner wall to make the most of space.
Here all the articles for tobacconists are displayed: tobaccos, loose tobacco, maps, lighters and smoking accessories.

Video Examples

Video example of Furnishing and Preparation solutions Tobacconists and Receivers Bar – Effe Arredamenti.

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