Book stores and bookshops

Furnishing and preparation of book stores and bookshops.

We create modular and custom-made furnishings for shops for the sale of books.
With us your books are well exposed, you can organize them and divide them into categories and subjects.
Thanks to the use of storage containers, step display shelves, central gondola displays, book stops and other solutions, your books will be well displayed and traceable.

if devi furnish a book store o renovate the furniture of a library, a comic shop do not wait, Contact us!

Example and Design Furnishings Shops Libraries

Photo n. 007 - Example of Shop furnishings of Books and Libraries plus Staging.

Book stores

Photo n. 010 - We have created this bookshop in Sorrento of which the photograph gives you a precise idea.
The space occupied by this library is 300 square meters. Note the sitting room in the foreground where you can entertain yourself to examine the books themselves.

Equipped Walls Shelving For Shops Books Exposure Libraries

Photo n. 020 - Furnishing of an equipped wall for displaying books organized in categories.
Yellow, thrillers, science fiction, children's books, children's books, manuals, fiction books and essays.
With us your books have never been so well exposed!

Book stores

Photo n. 030 - We made this bookcase in Florence. Note the care we put into displaying the books: shelves dedicated to a few books indicate the attention we want to draw to those books. Also note the display columns in the foreground.

Giovanni Floris Rome inauguration library preparation

Photo n. 040 - Library set-up in Rome, library opening with Giovanni Floris.

Comic Book Shop Furnishings - Design Design Set Up Comics Shops

Photo n. 045 - Complete Furnishings For Comics - Planning, Design, Production e Comic Book Shop Set Up.

Book stores

Photo n. 050 - In the foreground, another perspective for the circular cash desk from the previous photograph.

Book stores

Photo n. 060 - In this nice recessed and dividing display wall, bilateral display of children's books.
In the background, an exhibition column.

Equipped Wall for Book Stores Exhibition

Photo n. 070 -Exhibitory wall with nice pictures impressed on film.
Our desks placed in the center invite you to examine and choose books.

Book stores

Photo n. 080 - We can also make furnishing accessories such as this cube or box that overlooks the customer and intrigues him thanks to its decorative prints, and LED spotlights.

Book stores

Photo n. 090 - With us children can play and socialize, as in this toy library, and view the books dedicated to them.
Effe Arredamenti, furniture for playrooms and bookshelves for children.

Book stores

Photo n. 100 - Still, in different perspectives, a look at the Florence store.

Book stores

Photo n. 110 - Children's book store display wall. Note the drawers at the bottom.

Book stores

Photo n. 120 - Modular and modular wall furniture for book shops.
In this photograph we want to illustrate the concept according to which books are better placed if placed at a certain distance from each other, because in this way their uniqueness and preciousness are emphasized.

Book Display Wall Furniture

Photo n. 130 - As you can see, this display system allows you to group multiple books whose spine or first cover page is visible.
Note the prints above to categorize the display of books.

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