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Furniture and fittings for shops in TELEPHONY

Telephony, smartphones, cell phones, telephone accessories etc. all this can only make use of an efficient and intuitive display, designed according to the characteristics of each product.

Effe Arredamenti designs and realizes for you furnishings and furniture for telephone shops and mobile phone services.
These furnishings are in line with the products on display: made of metal, wood, glass and laminate finishes.
The result is a practical, modern and professional system designed specifically for high-tech commercial environments.

if devi furnish or renovate a phone shop, smartphone and telephone accessories, don't wait, contact us!

design furniture store multi brand telephony

Photo n. 007 - Furniture and design for a multi-brand telephone shop with specially made furnishings: In the foreground wooden furniture with glass display cases for new generation smartphones and ipads; in the background are visible i modular showcase furniture led lights for multi brand telephony, Wind, Vodafone and Tim, suitably spaced with illuminated displays; on the left on the back we find the cash point, this also modulate with led display windows and back panel covered with panel with illuminated lettering and LCD monitor.
A telephony environment and associated services designed to keep up with the times, with attention to design, new fashions, colors and trends.

Telephony shops

Photo n. 010 - Effe Arredamenti has created this elegant telephone shop, Tim center.
In the foreground display cabinets supported by a simple metal pillar, the environment is designed to be comfortable and welcoming: on the right sofas and coffee tables.
On the left showcases for the display of your articles.

Counter and back counter furniture for telephone shops

Photo n. 020 - Cash desk for phone shop Tim, Windtre, Vodafone, etc. Counter composed of illuminated display cases, backsplashes, back counter composed of equipped walls, illuminated veils, wooden portal with LED lighting.

Furniture Shop Telephony and Services

Photo n. 030 - Telephone shop set-up with illuminated display cases on the left for smartphone display, cash desk on the right.
Everything is embellished with colored and customized finishes, printed banners, display glass cases and much more.

Telephony shops

Photo n. 035 - Furniture shop furniture, counter and showcases with backlit back for smartphone display.

Telephony shops

Photo n. 040 - Furniture for a multi-brand telephone shop: In this beautiful overall picture, Effe Arredamenti shows you how it designed and built this multi-brand telephone shop.
At the center, in its natural position (unless different needs), the salesman's desk.
Behind the counter, an illustrative blow-up of the products and a wall equipped for display.
On the right and on the left, closed and open cabinets for the display of magazines and smartphones.

Telephony shops

Photo n. 050 - In the photograph in detail, the illuminated showcase where you can best store the smartphones on display.
Note the blue color of the interior of the showcase which contrasts with the rest of the color.

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