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Furnishings for Paint and Paint Shops

Effe Arredamenti Progetta produces and realizes Paint Shop Furnishings and Paints and Dyes, Furnishings designed to solve all the needs related to the retail distribution of items for construction, paints, varnishes, DIY, insulation, decorative, protective, anti-rust, brushes, rollers etc.
Our furnishing solutions are studied and designed for the best display and sectorization of the articles. A complete set of accessories and elements such as equipped walls, shelves, gondolas, displays to create environments where everything is displayed in an orderly, clear, evident way without sacrificing style and design of the furniture and space.
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Shop Furnishings Paints Paintings

Photo n. 010 - Design, production and preparation of complete furniture for paint and paint shops

Shelves and Gondolas For Paint Stores Paints

Photo n. 020 - Paint shop furniture consisting of display gondolas with printed headboards to contain Venetian buckets.

Furniture Shops Paint Shops

Photo n. 030 - Furniture for paint factories, design, production and complete set-up.

Cash Counter and Back Counter For Paint Shop, Paint Factory Made in Ivrea, Turin.

Photo n. 035 – Cash Counter and Back-Counter For Paint Shop and Paint Factory Made in Ivrea, Turin.

Fittings Furniture Shops Paints Paintings

Photo n. 040 - Paint and paint shop set-up, room for choosing colors and finishes at the Point of Sale.

Gondola Furniture For Exposure Interior Paintings

Photo n. 050 - Gondola furniture and walls with decorative paint panels display.

Paint Shops Paint Paints

Photo n. 060

Wall Equipped Exposure Brushes, Rollers, Spatulas

Photo n. 070 - Equipped wall and shelves for the display of brushes, rollers, spatulas and accessories with printed upper ceilings

Bench Shop Paints Paintings

Photo n. 080 - Cash counter for paint shop and building paints

Wall For Exposure Insulation Systems House Coat

Photo n. 090 - Equipped wall made for the display of processing cycles, External Thermal Insulation Systems for the building and thermal insulation systems of the House

Wall Shelves Displaying Alpine Corner Paints

Photo n. 100 - Wall and Shelves For Paint Display, Corner Alpina

Shelving for products related to paints and paints

Photo n. 110 - Shelving for displaying building products

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