Intimate store furnishings

Furnishings and fittings for INTIMO shops

Effe Arredamenti is Design and production of Furnishings and fittings for underwear and underwear stores.

We propose one specific furnishing line for lingerie shops, complete with a system of accessories with different types of hooks, depending on your preferences for design and functionality.
You will always have the safety and guarantee of Effe Arredamenti on the solidity of the solution you have chosen.

If you have to Arefurbish or renovate an underwear store, underwear and / or underwear do not wait, Contact us!

Discover the Examples, ideas, colors and solutions on How to furnish and set up an underwear store together with us.

Shop Furnishings Women's Underwear Design Shop Fitting

Photo n. 005 - Example and Design of Furniture for Underwear Shops.

Furniture and furniture for women's underwear shops

Photo n. 010 - Production Furnishings and furniture for women's underwear shops.

Complete furniture for intimate shops

Photo n. 020 - Design and production of complete furniture for underwear shop, made in L'Aquila

Intimate shop furnishings

Photo n. 030 - Design and production furnishings for underwear shops, made in San Marino.

Children's underwear shops furniture

Photo n. 040 - Furniture For Children's Underwear Shops.

Intimate shop Furniture and Gondolas for underwear

Photo n. 050 - Intimate shop furniture, in the foreground Gondolas for women's underwear.

Example of Furniture and Outfitting for Underwear Shops

Photo n. 060 - Example of furniture and set-up for underwear shop.

Equipped shop wall for women's underwear

Photo n. 070 - Furniture composed of wall unit for women's underwear display.

Wall Equipped For Underwear Store

Photo n. 080 - Furniture and set-up for underwear shop: Wall with containment furniture arranged both on the base and in the upper part.

Gondolas for Intimate exhibition shop

Photo n. 090 - Shelves a gondola for intimate display.

Intimate store furniture

Photo n. 100 -

Fittings for lingerie shops

Photo n. 110 - Furniture for large lingerie shop.

Photo n. 120 - Furniture for the display of women's underwear socks.

Wall Equipped for Intimate Store Exposure Hosiery

Photo n. 130 - Hosiery display wall.

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