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Complete furnishings and fittings for specialized shops for children

Effe Arredamenti is highly specialized in furniture and outfitting of shops for children and babies. The company offers a complete range of accessories, elegant shelving and furnishing accessories for the promotion, exhibition and classification of all specific products for children (food, clothing, toys, shoes, maternity wear, strollers) , hygiene, etc.).

And now we explain how we operate: Our 3D design software allows you to analyze projects, simulate the implementation of real conditions before the actual preparation of the proposed furnishing solution.

So we give you the opportunity to evaluate the choice made at the time when it was still in the design phase.

If you have to furnish or renew a specialized shop for children and children, do not wait, contact us!

Furniture for Clothing Stores and Children's Shoes

Photo n. 005 - In the foreground, three nice printed pictures of smiling children. As you can see, this is a footwear department with test sessions.
Effe Arredamenti: Furniture and Equipment for Clothing and Footwear for Children, Design, Production and Complete Assembly.

Furniture Shops Clothing Newborn and Children

Photo n. 010 - This is the clothing department: in the photo you can see the features. the furniture is both modular and custom-made indispensable for the ideal display of all items of clothing, they are both folded and laid on shelves, or hung on hanging rods and hooks. In the middle of the room, 3 exhibition islands have been provided with circular wooden levels with a supporting metal structure. The backlit posters make the child feel at ease.

Furniture stores show products for children

Photo n. 015 - 1500 square meters in which the parent and child immerse themselves in a fantastic sylvan environment, with trees, mushrooms, castle facades and storks.
EffeArredamenti has designed and supplied all the furniture for this shop for children and infants.
The commercial area has been studied, subdivided and delimited, as well as enriched, with bilateral gondolas and equipped and accessorial walls thus creating several mini-departments,
all for children. Note the plants that cover the concrete columns. At the bottom and top note the "soft" contrast between the green of the floor and the blue of the ceiling,
to want to mean the usual environment of children, who play in the meadows and have the sky ceiling, at least in the summer. Find out more on this realization!

Furniture for children's clothing stores

Photo n. 020 - In photography: children's and children's clothing department of a large clothing store in Rome. In the foreground hanger elements for hooks and hangers. The space is divided with straight standers with wheels, curved clothes rails, modular display gondolas, four telescopic arms spreaders, covered columns that become exhibitive. The design of the space, the production and fitting out of all the furnishings of this large clothing store for children and babies was performed by Effe Arredamenti.

Furniture store project for children

Photo n. 025 - And now the furniture store project for children. Without the goods on display, you can see how things are on a structural level.

Furniture set-ups shops newborn clothing

Photo n. 030 - A beautiful display wall for newborn ceremonial clothing: a unique furnishing line designed and produced by the company, much appreciated and requested because it combines delicacy in the colors and graceful style of the forms, the modularity and functionality of a wall system, in which the exposure of the garments is always and continuously interchangeable in a simple and fast way.

Furniture Shops Kids Exposure Strollers

Photo n. 035 - Stroller department: this large children's store has been designed and produced by EffeArredamenti. Particularly in the photo shoot are two-colored display platforms with shaped top for strollers, laminated parquet floor and hanging prints. The result: an orderly display of baby strollers clearly visible and within reach thanks to well-designed and organized spaces and paths that allow a comfortable flow of consumer customers to whom the choice of the displayed product is facilitated.

A furnished, well-organized sales space and lots of color

Photo n. 040 - Thousands of products: the important thing is that they are well exposed. In the picture the furniture for a store of articles for children and newborns: modular and modular multi-function wall units with the possibility of displaying any product for children, upper ceilings with images that guide and segment the consumer to purchase, modular display gondolas and modular units complete with tops with hooks and hooks in the center of the room, and, finally, prints applied to the floor to break the sometimes boring continuity of the floor of a large commercial space. An explosion of products, images and colors make this department of accessories for children really neat and exciting.

Display furnishing Feeding shop for children and infants

Photo n. 045 - Nutrition: an essential department for a shop for baby and newborn items. Equipped walls with height adjustable shelves not in wood but in metal to have a greater resistance to the weight of these products that, even if small, are many and stacked on top of each other. In the upper part there are curved ceiling panels with interchangeable paper printing protected by a transparent plex plate that allow the product to be advertised underneath.

Column covered with circular exhibition base, children's furniture shop

Photo n. 050 - A cumbersome column becomes a beautiful exhibition focus point. In this large shop for children located in Udine and completely furnished by Effe Arredamenti, we found the optimal furnishing solution to transform a too cumbersome column into a pleasant exhibition focus, a large circular platform at the base allows to highlight cradles and strollers, while the square column itself is transformed into a cylinder to which an interchangeable image has been applied, an excellent aesthetic and functional result.

Great Shop for Children I baby furnished in Trento

Photo n. 055 - Furnishing the space: yes, but in the right way. A complete overview of a large and important store in Trento. Effe Arredamenti, despite a completely asymmetric and complex structural shape, has designed, produced and supplied all the furniture for this shop for children and early childhood, obtaining an organized and well-distributed space for the retail sale of all products and items for children and early childhood

Furniture Exposition Cosmetics Children and products for the hygiene

Photo n. 057 - In the picture is clearly visible the complete furniture for the cosmetics department and products for the hygiene for a large shops of baby items, consisting of gondolas and gondola heads accessorized with wooden shelves plus front panels, while in the wall were mounted modular equipped walls to complete the wall display.

Furnished Corner Exposure items before infazia

Photo n. 058 - Display furniture pacifiers, baby bottles, bibs etc. Small exhibition corner inside a large shop for children.

Furniture Shop Toys

Photo n. 060 - Set-ups Display stands for toy shops, cribs and strollers.

Classic Style Furniture Shop Clothing for Babies

Photo n. 080 - Beautiful, graceful and delicate is the aesthetic impact of this furniture for newborn clothing store. A line of furniture specifically designed for the display of newborn clothing items: soft fitted walls with a top curve finished with solid wood frames and wooden friezes suitably painted with anti-aging effect. In the foreground, a simple but graceful service counter with solid wood details and wooden friezes is clearly visible.

Equipped Wall For Shop Early Childhood Clothing

Photo n. 090 - A low equipped wall for the display of baby clothes covers the "U" perimeter of this clothing department. The back wall has been colored and decorated with decorations to create an environment that looks like a child's bedroom.

Furnishings Department store Footwear Clothing for Children

Photo n. 095 - Large department store furniture for children: footwear, clothing and underwear for children. Effe Arredamenti has elaborated, produced and placed all the top prints that sectorize and guide consumers to purchase.

Large Banco Cash Shop Children

Photo n. 100 - A large counter for a large store. Four square concrete columns have been covered and incorporated into a large cash desk for a large shop for children in Udine. The cash desk is in assembled modules equipped with backlit images. Effe Arredamenti has responded to the customer's needs with a pleasant and functional furnishing solution, with ample work space available to sales staff.

Display stands for Children's Beds

Photo n. 110 - Cabinets, baby cots need specific, robust and reinforced display units to guarantee safety and durability, without sacrificing modularity and the pleasing appearance of the furniture.

Equipped Wall Exposure cradles changing tables

Photo n. 115 - In the photo furnishing shop for newborns and early childhood, wall covering with equipped modular display units and upper decoration band for displaying cots, cabinets and changing table.

Display ovetti and car seats for children.

Photo n. 120 - Child seats department: a beautiful modular equipped wall complete with straight and inclined shelves with front panels for displaying small cars and car seats. A beautiful band of superior red decoration makes the whole wall aesthetically pleasing.

Children's store furniture with decorations and wall prints.

Photo n. 130 - When the graphic wall decorations make the difference. In this clothing store for children and infants furnished and set up in a shopping center in Pescara, Effe Arredamenti has studied and elaborated, in addition to all the furniture, all the prints and decorations applied to the wall creating a truly unique atmosphere, cheerful and welcoming .

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