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Furnishings and fittings for household appliances, electronics, information technology and computers stores

Effe Arredamenti is design, production and on-site preparation of complete furnishings for technology shops such as Smartphone, TV, Notebook, Household appliances.
Furniture made of metal, melamine (wood) with laminate finishes to embellish your furniture.
The result is a system of practical, modern and functional furniture specially designed for commercial environments with high technological content.

Telephony, TV, IT, computers, smartphones, appliances, home cinema, etc.: all this can only make use of a Exhibition furniture efficient and intuitive, designed according to the characteristics of each product, to ensure that your hi-tech items have never been so well displayed.

If you need to furnish or renovate an electronics, hi-tech, computer, repairs, smartphone, tv, household appliances store, don't wait, contact us!

Photo n. 06  - Example and Design of Furniture for computer shops, computers, telephones, tablets and services.

shop furniture with display windows ipad iphone shop computer

Photo n. 010 -Furniture for IT shop and Smartphone repairs, on the left, illuminated display cases for tablets, iPads, iPhones and accessories.
As you can see in this beautiful photograph, your hi-tech items are contained in illuminated showcases to demonstrate their preciousness.
Featured glass coffee table for laptop display.
In the background, at the top, bright advertising banners.

Shops Electronics Computer Smartphone

Photo n. 030 - Design, production of furniture for small but elegant PC, tablet, iphone, computer and energy services shop.
In the background Effe Arredamenti has created the cash desk with backsplash and display cases. On the right a series of LED-lit display cabinets for displaying hi-tech products.
On the left wall with backlit print and cabinets with glass case for displaying the most varied technological items.

Shop fitting Electronics Computer Smartphone

Photo n. 040 - Furniture and outfitting for computer shops, telephony services, smartphones, accessories for PC and IT, TV, etc.
All this to furnish a computer and hi-tech shop can be found in this overall photograph.
Counter with illuminated display cases on the left; Back counter with illuminated signs, hooks for accessories and height-adjustable wooden shelves, illuminated display cases on the right for displaying smartphones and laptops, mobile central element with glass case for display.

Hi-tech smart tv smartphone shop set-up

Photo n. 045 - Shop furniture for the display and sale of technological products, smartphones, electronic devices, tablets, smart TVs and much more. Everything that makes the hi-tech lover happy, can be found on display in this overall photograph. Display counters, wall prints, backlit images create a unique environment with a strongly Hi Tech visual.

Computer Shop Furniture Display Counters For Pc and Counter with illuminated display cases

Photo n. 050 - Shop furniture for computers, PCs, smartphones, tablets and services, in the photo: display counters for central PCs, counter with display cases illuminated at the bottom, display cases always illuminated with LEDs on the sides with adjustable glass shelves for further display.

Shops Electronics Computer Smartphone

Photo n. 060 - Equipped wall furniture for displaying pc-computer accessories, printer cartridges.
Two beautiful and functional equipped walls that Effe Arredamenti has created.
In the beveled corner, monitor.
On the left, what you might need for your printer: ink cartridges and reams of paper.
On the right, various accessories.

Shops Electronics Computer Smartphone

Photo n. 065 - Bilateral gondola for inclined plane exposure, suitable for laptops.
At the bottom, bar attachment hooks to expose the most varied accessories that are combined with laptops.

Photo n. 067 - Furniture and shelves for repair shops and home appliance sales: In this beautiful overall photograph, Effe Arredamenti has covered the walls with display modules and backlit graphics at the top, on the right the bilateral gondolas with head elements are visible to exploit the maximum space and allow you to better display the goods.
In the foreground, modular bench with integrated illuminated display case.

Shops Electronics Computer Smartphone

Photo n. 070 - Modular illuminated showcases for displaying Hi-tech products. Showcases with semicircular front for the reasoned display of technological material.
Effe Arredamenti does not produce monotonous furnishings, but wants to put imagination into its productions, to show that it is for your judgment.

Furniture For Electronics Shops Computer Smartphone computer repairs

Photo n. 080 - Corner furniture with showcases for smart-TV, photography, gopro, telephony, smartphone consoles, computers and much more.
Effe Arredamenti wanted to show you this photograph with no merchandise on display to give you an idea of ​​the structure that underlies its philosophy of furnishing the hi-tech space.
You can see display cabinets, counters with upper showcase, wall elements with glass shelves, advertising brands of well-known houses, blow-ups on the theme of hi-tech.

Shops Electronics Computer Smartphone

Photo n. 090 - Another photograph of a commercial environment with no merchandise on display, to showcase display cases, counters with display cases, wall elements in a color matching the hi-tech display environment.
Bottom left chest of drawers. Even the color of the fitted walls is in tune with the hi-tech.

Furniture equipped wall computer display, computer

Photo n. 100 - As you can see, in this photograph that documents a creation by Effe Arredamenti, the blue color dominates the scene.
This is a wall system for shops ideal for displaying technological and IT products.
Illuminated display cabinets, brochures, shelves, DVD racks, displays for electrical and electronic products, are all interchangeable and adjustable accessories according to every need for display and division of space.
Above, inclined banner-holder veils, which complete the overall picture.

Shops Electronics Computer Smartphone

Photo n. 110 - Furniture and furnishings for displaying printers, photocopiers, scanners, etc.
On the left, wall equipped with upright hooking shelves for the display of scanners and printers.
Since these components are quite heavy, they require sturdy shelves and a robust shelf system.
On the right, drawers for stock goods with display tops for calculators and various goods.
At the top of showcases for the goods you think are more valuable.

Shops Electronics Computer Smartphone

Photo n. 120 - Two-level display system for large appliances, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, etc.
As you can see in the photo, Effe Arredamenti is not afraid of heavy household appliances, and is able to arrange them and expose them to even more levels.

Shops Electronics Computer Smartphone

Photo n. 130 - Display wall furniture for small appliances: the department of your shop that needs a sturdy system of metal shelves: that is, the department dedicated to small appliances, vacuum cleaners, robots, microwave ovens.

Furniture and shelves for electrical equipment

Photo n. 140 - Gondola furniture and shelves for displaying electrical material.

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