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Furniture and Equipment Stores of Electronic Cigarettes

Effe Arredamenti is study and design of furniture and fittings for electronic cigarette shops, both for individual and private shops, but also for the design and production of furniture with format or concept store for chain stores and / or Franchisors / Franchises.

Electronic cigarettes, liquids, batteries and spare parts find with us the best display location thanks to the specific furnishings, from the cash desk to the counter with illuminated display case, from the illuminated wall-mounted display cases with or without lock to the display units for the window, from the armchairs and coffee table for the tasting of liquids in graphic prints to obtain a visually appealing environment.
Thanks to the design in 3 dimensions, nothing is left to chance, Effe Arredamenti can satisfy your every need.
Effe Arredamenti, thanks to its staff of designers, can develop, design, and set up on the place you have chosen all the furniture for your electronic cigarette store, with both standard and custom-made furnishings.

If you need to furnish, set up or renovate an electronic cigarette shop, don't wait, contact us!

Furniture Shops Electronic cigarettes

Photo n. 010 - In the image, Effe Arredamenti has designed and then set up this electronic cigarette shop on site, a modern, original shop with a strong aesthetic impact. Note the display case in front of the counter with its recognizable shape, the illuminated display cubes on the wall with glass door and lock.

Shop Fittings Electronic Cigarettes Counter and Retro Counter

Photo n. 020 - Electronic Cigarette Shops - Vape, with Counter and Back counter equipped for the display of liquids and e-cig cigarettes.

Furniture Stores Electronic Cigarettes

Photo n. 030 - Still a different angle for the same shop, created by Effe Arredamenti.

Furniture for Electronic Cigarette Stores

Photo n. 040 - The interior of an electronic cigarette shop.
Note the display of the products in the windows and counters with upper glass. Your products are thus visible to the visitor.

Furniture Design Project Electronic Cigarettes

Photo n. 060 - Behind a transparent window, the interior of a shop for viewing and selling electronic cigarettes.

Furniture Store Electronic Cigarettes e-cig

Photo n. 070 - Modular showcases and counters with upper glass for viewing and selling liquids and accessories that can be associated with electronic cigarettes.

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