Agrarian and Agricultural Consortiums Shops

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Furniture and equipment for points of sale of agricultural and agricultural consortia.

Effe Arredamenti designs, manufactures furniture for sales points of Consorzi Agrari and Consorzi Agricoli, with modular and customizable furnishings.

Exhibition furnishing systems designed to meet all the requirements for the best exposure of feed for farms, agricultural tools, seeds, fertilizers, agricultural machinery, garden equipment, gardening, phytosanitary, irrigation, fuels and lubricants.

Metal and wood shelving, counters, Modular fitted walls, Peninsulas, Gondolas: this and much more are the furnishings and furniture that Effe Arredamenti proposes for the company stores of the Agricultural Consortiums.

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Furniture Shops Consorzi Agrari

Photo n. 010 - In the photo design and production of furniture and complete set-up for a large sales point of an agricultural consortium of products for breeding, animal husbandry and agriculture.

Exhibition Consorzi Agrari Stores

Photo n. 020

Furniture Stores Agricultural Consortia Products Aviculture

Photo n. 030 - Furnishing for Consortium, breeding area Aviculture composed of walls with printed celini and display tables for Feed.

Furniture for Agricultural Consortium Exposure Feed Breeding

Photo n. 040 - Modular furniture designed and manufactured for the display of feed for breeding.

Furniture Stores Exposure Tools Garden Vegetable Garden

Photo n. 050 - Furniture with modular wall for displaying tools for working the land, kitchen garden and garden.

Furnishings Shops Exposure Seeds Agriculture

Photo n. 060 - Furniture for the organized exhibition of seeds and products for agriculture, vegetable garden and garden.

Furniture For Agricultural Consortia

Photo n. 070 - Furniture and furniture for sales points of the Agricultural Consortia.

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