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Furnishings and fittings for bicycles for racing and mountain bikes

Effe Arredamenti is highly specialized in the Design, production and equipment of all the necessary furniture for bicycle shops racing, mountain bikes, children's bikes and Furniture For Electric Bicycle Shops.
Effe Arredamenti has designed and optimized systems over time modular and made-to-measure furniture for bike shops, functional and suitable for display, exposure and classification of specific articles for this wonderful sport.
Cyclist clothing, sweaters, underwear, thermal jackets, helmets, cycling goggles, gloves, shoes, etc.: everything finds its best exposure.
- exhibitors for cycling accessories can highlight: cyclocomputers, water bottles, security lighting, trestles, splash guards, bags, luggage racks.
Effe Arredamenti can also take care ofdisplay furniture for spare parts, tires, inner tubes, tubulars, saddles and seat posts, wheels and accessories, pedals, repair and maintenance, etc.
A set of furnishing elements for spaces dedicated to viewing and sales, from dressing rooms for clothing testing, to equipped walls, from the cash desk to the central elements, from drawers to display cases for the items you want to take more care of and a lot even more.

If you need to furnish a bicycle shop, or open or renovate do not wait, contact us!

Example of Furniture For Bicycle Shop made and set up in Rome.

Photo 005 - Example of Furniture For Bicycle Shop made and set up in Rome.

Bicycle shop equipment: right clothing and footwear for cyclists.

Photo 010 - Under the giant pictures of cyclists who alone stimulate the visitor's desire to buy a bicycle, you can see how Effe Arredamenti produced the furniture and set up for this large commercial space dedicated to bicycles.

Furnishing for a large shop for racing bicycles, mountain bikes, helmets and accessories plus repair shop. Construction in Terni: 300 square meters of commercial area. Services carried out: space layout design, furniture design and production, graphic elaboration and giant print printing, complete assembly.

Photo 020 - Effe Arredamenti has performed the setting up in Terni of an area of ​​300 square meters dedicated to a bicycle shop racing, mountain bikes, helmets, accessories and repair shop.
The services carried out in this project were those with which we have been successful with our customers: design, layout of spaces, furniture production, graphic design and print blow-ups, complete installation on site.

Exposure Wall Equipped for Bicycles

Photo n. 030 - In this photograph you can see the exhibition wall for hanging bicycles with central focus point composed of platform for the exhibition of sample bicycle.
In the foreground, mountain bikes exposed with self-supporting elements.

Furniture Exposure Platforms Bicycles Kids and Tricycles

Photo n. 040 - Effe Arredamenti has achieved this furnishings consisting of large platforms at 3 levels for bicycle exposure for children and tricycles.
On the ground the reproduction of a decorative cycle path.

Example and Nice Furniture Solution for Bicycle Shop - Shop Entrance

Photo n. 045 - Effe Arredamenti has created the furniture for this great bike shop and in particular the photo shows a nice one furnishing solution conceived, designed and built for the entrance area of ​​the store.

Bicycles shop preparation in Rome

Photo n. 050 - Effe Arredamenti has set up in Rome in 50 square meters of space, thefurnishing of this store selling bicycles and accessories.
Plus a small space for bicycle repair shop.

Bicycle Shop Furniture Project Example

Photo n. 055 - Example of Bike Shop Set Up Project.

Equipped Wall Mountain Bike Exposure

Photo n. 060 - A large blow-up also becomes one beautiful wall equipped for a tidy and organized exhibition of mountain bikes.

Platforms For Exposure Racing Bikes

Photo n. 070 - Racing bicycles on display both on the center of the room and on the wall, on which a focus point was created consisting of a lower arched platform for the display of a sample bicycle.
La column was coated for the display of helmets.

Furniture Shops Bike

Photo n. 080 - This shop was made in Varese, and is disposed on two floors for a total of 200 square meters of sale area.
Design, production and complete furnishing made by Effe Arredamenti for this refined and bright bicycle and accessories shop.

Furniture Stores Bike

Photo n. 090 - Clearly visible is themodular furniture for the display of clothing for cyclists interspersed with blow-ups and illuminated windows for the 'display of accessories which you care more about (gearboxes, cyclocomputers, GPS, lights, helmet cameras and much more).

Furnishings Shops Bicycles Exposure Footwear

Photo n. 110 - In the picture: shoe display box for cyclists with internal test cabin for clothing.

Furniture Store Bicycles Exposure Clothing

Photo n. 120 - Bicycle shop clothing and accessories department: circular rollers for the ideal display of cycling jerseys, in walls display furniture accessories and helmets.

Preparations Shops Bicycles Ancona

Photo n. 130 - Set up shop for bicycles located in Ancona.

Furniture Stores Exposure Bicycles

Photo n. 140 - Zone racing bike display with display platforms.

Fittings Shops Bicycles Senigallia

Photo n. 150 - Renovation bicycle shop decoration in Senigallia. Design and production of new furniture and furnishings for: showcase, display of footwear, helmets, saddles and clothing for cyclists.

Bike shop set up

Photo n. 160 - Global view of the bicycle shop furnished and set up by Effearredamenti.

Bicycle Repair Shop Furniture

Photo n. 170 - Workshop department: workbenches and walls with tools for bicycle repairs.

Furniture Exposure Showcase Shop Bicycles

Photo n. 180 - Furnishings preparation e furniture for display showcase bike shop: accessorised slatted wall with door for showcase entrance and stepped platforms.

Exhibition Furniture Supply for Cyclists

Photo n. 190 - Furnishings for feeding area for cyclists: wall covered with accessorised panels and superior gigantography.

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