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Furnishings for Food Shops, Typical Products, MiniMarket and Food Shops.

Effe Arredamenti designs, manufactures and provides for the preparation of furnishings for grocery stores, typical products, mini markets, organic products and sweets, with a great level of customization. Exhibition furnishing systems designed to meet all the requirements for displaying food, fruit and vegetables and typical products.

Shelving in metal or Wood, counters, Equipped Walls, Peninsulas, Gondolas: this and much more is the essential that Effe Arredamenti offers for all outlets of Food and Typical Products.

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Furniture Stores

Photo n. 010 - Furniture Store Alimantari, in the picture: Bilateral gondola shelf with display heads for display of food products and metal shelves for displaying fruit and vegetable boxes. Wall furniture made up of modular walls or shelves with height-adjustable wooden tops, interchangeable upper graphic prints, top and side decorations.

Preparations Stores Food

Photo n. 020 - Furniture and complete equipment of cash desk for foodstuff shop.

Shelving for Food Stores and Mini Market

Photo n. 030 - Complete Shelves and Furniture for Food Stores and Convenience Stores.

Exhibition Furniture Fruit Vegetables

Photo n. 050 - Modular furniture and shelving with tops for displaying fruits and vegetables, Decorative upper backlit printing.

Furnishings Shops of Chocolates, Candy and Confectionery

Photo n. 053- Complete furniture and fittings for shops of chocolates, candies and sweets of every kind and type.

Furniture Store-Food Typical Products and Local Gastronomy

Photo n. 055 - Furniture and complete equipment For shop of local products and local gastronomy.

Modular Furniture For Bakery Food Shop

Photo n. 060 - Furnishing Walls equipped for bakeries, bakeries and bakery shops. Modular furniture and walls for complete display for all bread products (loaves, loaves, baguettes, slippers, rosettes, pugliese bread, Arabic bread etc.) thanks to specific accessories for containment and visibility: from containers and / or basic baskets with solid wood slats, on the removable tops of bread crumbs, on the inclined tops of natural wood for the smaller and more varied forms of bread.

Mini Market- and Snack Bar

Photo n. 070 - Furniture For Mini Market Shop and Snack Bar

Furniture Banco Alimentare Salumi Gastronomie

Photo n. 080 - Counter Furniture Preparing food, salami, gastronomy.

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