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Complete furniture and fittings for sporting goods stores

The line of furniture for sports shops provides all the accessories and complements for the display and viewing of all sports items: shoes, balls, various equipment, sports suits, bags, sports suits, sports jackets, etc.
Effe Arredamenti is pleased to customize your furnishings, balance and maintain the continuity between space and product, making everything appear in its best visibility.

if devi Furnish or renew a sporting goods store, football, basketball, volleyball, running etc. do not wait, we are ready to respond quickly to your requests, Contact us!

Furniture For Nike sporting goods, footwear and clothing stores

Photo n. 010 - Furniture for sports shop Complete with: on the left modular wall with micro-perforated and illuminated net for the display of sports shoes, at the bottom reproduction of athletic track, on the right furniture for displaying Nike sportswear.

Sport shop furnishings

Photo n. 020 - Sport shop furniture, footwear exhibition.

Photo n. 030 - Extreme Sports Shop Furniture, Look at this realization

Furnishings Preparations Stores Sport

Photo n. 040 - Effe Arredamenti has created this great one in Avellino sporting goods and footwear store.
We took care of the design of the spaces, of the furnishings, we digitally processed the graphics and prints, before setting up the furniture.

Furniture For Tennis and Padel Shops

Photo n. 050 - Effe Arredamenti designs and produces Furniture for Tennis and Padel Shops, with modular and customized display furnishings to obtain a commercial space with a sporty, welcoming and functional character, where each product exhibited finds its right place, from rackets to tennis shoes, from balls to professional tennis clothing. Find out more about this Furniture for Tennis and Padel Shop

Padel Shop Furniture

Photo n. 060 – Furnishings for shops of items for Padel and Tennis: Exhibition wall for displaying Padel shovels / rackets.

Furniture Shops Tennis

Photo n. 065 – Furnishings For Tennis Articles Shops.

Design of furniture and equipment. Sporting goods shop.

Photo n. 070 - Project of furniture and equipment Sporting goods shop.

Photo n. 080 - Example of new wooden slatted walls for sports shops complete with specific accessories designed foroptimal exposure of sports shoes and sportswear.

Modular Furniture and Shelves for Sports Stores

Photo n. 090 - Furnishing line with modular storage wall for sports shop complete with specific accessories designed foroptimal display of items for sports shops.
Elegant non-dozen shelves that allow you to obtain a pleasant and exclusive visual with a sporty character, without ever giving up the functionality of the furnishings themselves, designed to be able to modify every time you want the exhibition landscape.

Sports Shoes Shop Decoration

Photo n. 100 - Featured gondolas for the display of sports shoes with shaped gondola heads and lacquered silhouette representatives of sportsmen in action.

Backlit Display Wall Sport Shoes

Photo n. 110 - Backlit equipped display wall for sports shoes.
Note the upper decorative images, which are also backlit.

Sports Football Store Furniture

Photo n. 120 - Wall furniture for shop selling articles and shoes for football.
Featured wooden wall complete with slats with metal shelves for the optimal exposure of football boots, ball holders, test seats, preparation of a floor with synthetic grass and tartan for athletic track.

Sports Shops

Photo n. 130 - Set up shop for football and soccer.

Walls Exposure Soccer Shoes

Photo n. 140 - The football and soccer shoe department, in the beautiful and functional area wall for the display of sports shoes.

Decathlon Shop Furniture

Photo n. 150 - Furniture for Sports Store Decathlon. In the 7 beautiful photographs (the first three suggestive, which portray athletes inside a structure), the creation of a mixed trekking trail (encumber about 25 meters diagonally).

Sports Shops

Photo n. 160 - In photography, wall furniture with illuminated base shelves, drawers for goods, Nike and Adidas advertising brands also illuminated. All elegantly colored. With Effe Arredamenti, your goods have never been so well displayed and the customer invited to purchase.

Furnishing Facilities Shops Serf Tennis Scii

Photo n. 170 - Simple but effective and functional furniture for sports, surfing, tennis, skiing and soccer shop in Livorno. With us you can request any furnishing solution.

Furnishings Installations Shops Running

Photo n. 180 - Beautiful and exciting: furnishings and equipment for a running sports shop, a furnishing, essential and functional with a sporty character.
You see in the background the large exhibition walls, one furnished with shoe shelves (to make your display optimal) and the other with sloping shelves for clothes hangers (to allow you to save space).
In the foreground the cash desk located in the center of the store's exhibition space.

Furniture for Sportswear Stores

Photo n. 190 - In Milan Effe Arredamenti has designed and built this large one point of sale for Adidas sportswear corner.

Furnishing Facilities Shops Sport Sea Underwater

Photo n. 200 - In this photograph, furnishings and equipment for sports products shop for diving and boating a Catholic. Shop furnished and set up by Effe Arredamenti with both modular and custom-made furnishing systems for the exhibition of: Clothing for boating and fishing, accessories for swimming, masks, fins, spearguns, cylinders, wetsuits and much more. In the foreground counter with display cases and backlit image, on the back wall system with laboratory entrance for made-to-measure diving suits.

Photo n. 205 – Furnishings for Shop for sport fishing items, Complete furnishings for displaying fishing rods, floats, hooks, small parts, baits, nets and much more. Rimini Fishing is the perfect shop for sport fishing enthusiasts.

Furniture Store Sport wetsuits Underwater

Photo n. 210 - Another view of the Piombino nautical and diving shop. The customer needed to display a large amount of diving suits both inside the shop and on the side of the window: Effe Arredamenti has studied and designed a modular structure, modular and bilateral, robust to support the heavy weight of the suits, but at the same time open and accessorized to optimize and customize the exposure.

Complete furniture for Hunting and Sport Fishing Shops

Photo n. 220 - Example of complete furniture for Hunting and Sport Fishing Shops.

Furniture Shop Sports Bowls

Photo n. 230 - In this nice and functional photograph displays for bowls sports shop and accessories for the same sport.


Noi Sport Roma, the largest sports shop in central Italy, Design and Preparation by Effe Arredamenti.

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