Animal shops

Furniture and fittings for pet products shops

Effe Arredamenti specializes in design, production and installation of all the necessary furniture for pet shop shops and points of sale of products for animals (dogs, cats, rodents, birds, fish, reptiles, etc.).
The company, leader in the sector, has perfected over time systems of modular furniture for animal shops increasingly efficient, functional and suitable for the promotion, exposure and classification of all specific products for the care of animals, clothing, food, snacks, kennels, baskets, beds, leashes, collars, scratches, pesticides, cages, games, bowls, grooming, repellents, deodorants, etc.
We supply the wall units, the central elements, the gondolas, the drawers, the windows for the products you care about and much more.
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We invite you to visit the showroom at the company by making an appointment or simply passing by to "touch" the products, the materials, the combination of colors, the systems used, the ideas, the best solutions to achieve thecomplete furniture for your new pet store.
You can choose the best balance between functionality, practicality, innovation, quality and savings.

Example Furniture for Animal Shops Effe Arredamenti

Photo n. 007 - Example of Complete Furnishings for Shops of products for Pets and Pet Shop, Design, production and Design of furniture for commercial activities dedicated to the world of animals.

Petshop furniture

Photo n. 010 - Petshop furniture, veterinary pharmacy furniture with counter. Find out more about this realization.

Furnishings Stores Products Animals

Photo n. 020 - Pretty furniture for pet products shop in Milan, with 35 square meters available, plus grooming. Existing shop completely renovated and designed down to the smallest detail to meticulously respond to all the specific requests of the customer, who has known his sector well for years. In the photo, starting from the right: display cabinet with height-adjustable glass shelves illuminated by LEDs, self-supporting gondola peninsula with straight and circular wooden shelves at the head, walls equipped for display with colored finishes, custom-made cash desk with decoration , illuminated decorative prints. Complete set-up of furniture and also of wooden floor. A small but pleasant specialized pet shop.

Photo n. 025 – Design, planning, setup for Pet Store

Photo n. 030 - Perugia, in an area of ​​800 square meters, Effe Arredamenti has created this pet products store, the photo shows the furniture for the parapharmacy area of ​​pharmaceutical products for animals.

Pet Shop Furnishings Pet Shop Equipment

Photo n. 035 - Pet Shop Furniture: on the right counter with upstand, on the left wall equipped with display hangers for clothes for animals and displays for leashes, at the bottom display gondola and wooden shelves for displaying pet food.

Shops Furniture Products Animals

Photo n. 040 - Effe Arredamenti has furnished and set up in Rome, in an area of ​​1000 square meters, this pet products shop.
As is our custom, we have optimized the sales area considering the size and shape of each product displayed, placing them in an optimal way.

Photo n. 050 - A small but is visible in the photo well organized and supplied shop of articles and products for Animals set up and designed by Effe Arredamenti: on the lower right is a wall that can be accessorized for showcase display, on the right the cash desk and back counter with modular modular walls, in the center of the commercial space there are wooden gondolas always available with raised wooden top to make the most of the upper part of the gondola, on the left we find the modular walls to organize and display all the leashes and toys for animals in the best possible way, everything related to the display of pet food is located in the back part of the shop which is also furnished.

Furniture exhibition accessories toys for animals

Photo n. 060 - As you can see in the photograph, the furniture of this shop is modular, with hooks and adjustable shelves for the display of accessories and toys for your pets.
An indispensable department to satisfy the demand of your customers more and more attentive to the needs of their four-legged friends.

Design Design Pet shop pet products shop

Photo n. 065 - Example of design and furniture design and complete fittings for pet shop and pet shop.

Furniture Shops Pet Shop Veterinary drugs

Photo n. 070 - In this photograph, you can directly check how Effe Arredamenti has managed to enhance the medicines for animals on display with glass shelves and lower LED lighting for this Pet Shop.

Photo n. 080 - AFurnishings of Organic Food Products for Animals with Shelves both in wood and in metal for the display and sale of pet food.

Store Shelves Feeding Animals

Photo n. 085 - In the photograph the furniture of the food department or Pet Food with Shelves both in wood and in metal for the display and sale of pet food, ceilings with the image of animals.
This shop was made in Perugia.
See the other photos on this realization!

Furnishing System for Exposure Feed with Gondolas at 2 levels

Photo n. 090 - Effe Arredamenti has created this furniture system for you, ideal for displaying animal feed bags, with a gondola consisting of a maxi base in bilateral melamine and a top of an upper display gondola.

Shops Products Animals

Photo n. 100 - Effe Arredamenti has created, in the detailed photograph, the cash desk with the swing door fitted with a closure, the wall equipped for the display and sale of pet clothing, snacks, leashes and accessories.
Top, backlit decorative images.

Furniture Exhibition of animal products in the window

Photo n. 110 - In the photograph in detail, the furnishing of the showcase for the display of articles for animals, consisting of a base platform, glass shelves with lower LED lighting.
All in the best furnishing tradition of Effe Arredamenti.

Shops Products Animals

Photo n. 120 - The functional furniture through which the space is divided into two areas: an area for the retail sale of pet products, another exhibition area with bird cages.

Shops Products Animals

Photo n. 130 - In photography, the furniture and setting up on the site of a 60 square meter pet shop built in Bologna.
In the foreground the supply department.

Wooden shelving for pet shops

Photo n. 140 - We wanted to show you this too wall system o specific wooden shelving for pet shops / petshop even if in the product loading phase, made by Effe Arredamenti.

Shops Products Animals

Photo n. 150 - In Turin we made e furnished this pet shop on an area of ​​70 square meters. Note the curved structures in the background to adapt the furniture to the shop structure.

Pet Shop Furniture - Cattolica

Photo n. 160 - In Cattolica Effe Arredamenti has created this pet shop on an exhibition area of ​​55 square meters.
Note the decorated structure in the foreground and the expertly equipped corner in the background.

Shops Products Animals

Photo n. 170 - In this photographic snapshot, the cash desk plus the back complete with an equipped wall and an illuminated display unit for the display of pesticides and animal hygiene products.
The shelves that you see on your left are adjustable, in the same way as the hooks. Note the backlit decorative images.

Shops Products Animals

Photo n. 180 - The showcase seen from the outside of a pet shop that Effe Arredamenti has built in Cologno Monzese.

Gondolas Pet shops

Photo n. 190 - Modular gondola with headboards for the display and sale of snacks and animal feed.

Photo n. 200 - Complete furnishings and fittings for Veterinary Pharmacies, drug stores, supplements, feed diets and health products, aimed at the whole animal world, medicinal preparations customized to the therapeutic needs of animals.

Shops Products Animals

Photo n. 210 - With Effe Arredamenti the corner of your shop is enhanced to the maximum.
This angle was equipped for the display and sale of accessories and leashes for animals, arranged on 3 depth levels, and was created by Effe Arredamenti in Perugia.

Shops Products Animals

Photo n. 220 - Bilateral exhibition gondola made by Effe Arredamenti for the display and sale of kennels and food for animals.

Video Set up Animal shops

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