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Furniture and furnishings for gift shops and furnishing accessories

Beautiful, practical and sturdy wall units, transparent or frosted glass or wooden tops, according to your needs and your request, showcases, storage containers and much more. We can give your products the right balance between visual image and practical organization, between communication of the content you want to transmit and harmony of the spaces that will then concretely host your products.
Table lamps, vases, paintings, photo holders, gifts, favors, souvenirs. All these gift items find their right place thanks to a modular furnishing system (also tailored to your specific needs) that Effe Arredamenti has designed and built to never leave anything to chance.
You can admire your shop a long time before the inauguration: today it is possible, thanks to the 3D graphic technologies that Effe Arredamenti puts at your disposal to allow you to view your commercial reality and leave nothing to chance.

if devi Furnishing a gift shop, favors, souvenirs etc., do not hesitate, contact us!

Shop fittings Gift Items Vases Decorations

Photo n. 010 - Furnishing wall display for vases and decorative objects.

Shop Furniture Gift Items

Photo n. 020 - In the slatted display wall you can admire vases and decorative objects, empty frames that you can fill with your photographs, mirrors, boxes containing for your memories.

Gift Shops

Photo n. 025 - In this wall, whose structure is slat, the shelves are inserted into the wall itself through grooves (slats), tested and tested over time. In this specific case, the exhibition wall contains objects, table lamps, vases for flowers, frames for photographs and paintings, mirrors.

Furniture For Gift Shop

Photo n. 030 - Complete Furniture For Gift Shop and Fancy Goods.

Modular Furniture for Exposure Complements Crockery for Kitchens

Photo n. 040 - Furnishing with modular wall equipped for displaying dishes and furnishing objects for kitchens.

Modular Furniture and Furniture Exposure cooking dishes

Photo n. 043 - Furniture with modular wall equipped for display of dishes, trays and accessories for the home.

Furnishings Shops Ceremonial Favors

Photo n. 045 - Furniture for wedding favors and ceremonial items.

Gift Shops

Photo n. 050

Gift Shops

Photo n. 060

Gift Shops

Photo n. 070

Gift Shops

Photo n. 080

Gift Shops

Photo n. 090 - Modular furniture with glass shelves hooking up for displaying wall clocks.

Shop Furniture Exposure Table Lamps

Photo n. 100 - Shop decoration display Table lamps

Furnishings display scented candles ornamental candles

Photo n. 110 - Modular modular furniture for display of candles and scented ornamental candles

Gift Shops

Photo n. 120

Gift Shops

Photo n. 130 -Shop furniture for display of crockery and kitchen items.

Gift Shops

Photo n. 140

Gift Shops

Photo n. 150

Complete Furniture For Embroidery Shop and Gift Ideas

Photo n. 160 - Complete Furniture For Embroidery shop and gift ideas, made in Verona and precisely above the legendary Romeo and Juliet Balcony, (in the middle photo window with balcony view)

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