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Complete Furnishings and Equipments For Health Parapharmacies and Orthopedics

Effe Arredamenti is design, production and preparation of furnishings for pharmacies, parapharmacies, health and orthopedics with a high level of customization too custom-made.

Exhibition furniture systems  designed to satisfy both the Pharmacy design but also functionality, where each product (drugs, medicines, health products) finds its rightful place and is within reach.
Drug drawers, glass shelves, cash counters, containers with doors for stocks, illuminated showcases, gondolas for pharmacies, backlit shelving, illuminated signs: this and much more is the essential that Effe Arredamenti proposes to You Pharmacists thanks to a detailed 3D design of the store to never leave anything to chance.
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Furnitures Parapharmacies

Example Pharmacy Furniture Parapharmacy

Photo n. 010  - Example and solution Specific furniture for Parapharmacies, Health Pharmacies: modular walls with illuminated glass shelves, display gondolas for parapharmacies and pharmacies with glass shelves, cash point, drug drawers and much more.

Photo n. 020 - Parapharmacy and Pharmacy Furniture, project and design by Effe Arredamenti.

Preparation Pharmacies and parapharmacies

Photo n. 030 - Complete set up for Pharmacy made in Terni. The main feature is the LED lighting system on each wooden surface which, thanks to an electrified track, can be adjusted in height according to every need. Cash desk with front covered with an illuminated frame.

Pharmacy Furnishings Parapharmacies

Photo n. 040 - Design and production Pharmacy furniture built in Bozzolo, Mantua at a shopping center.

Furnishings for Pharmacies Pharmacy and Health Care Parapharmacies

Photo n. 050 - Design and production Furniture and complete equipment for Pharmacy made in Bologna. See all the photos on this realization

furniture for pharmacies with illuminated headboards

Photo n. 0060 -

Furnishings Installations Pharmacies Parapharmacies Shopping Centers

Photo n. 070 - Design, Production and Implementation Complete furniture for Pharmacies and Parapharmacies at shopping centers.
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Pharmacies Design Furniture Design

Photo n. 080  - Design, Ideas and solutions by Pharmacy furnishings, modular walls with glass tops, gondolas for display pharmacies, cash point, drug drawers and much more.

Illuminated Adjustable Plans for Pharmacies

Photo n. 090 - Pharmacy: Product display thanks to new system of led illuminated shelves adjustable in height.

Furnitures parapharmacies

pharmacy furnishings equipped wall illuminated shelves

Photo n. 100 - Modular walls that can be accessorized, glass tops with LED lighting, PVC price holders, advertising boxes with bright images.

Parapharmacy furnishings

Photo n. 110 - Parapharmacy furniture, construction in Ferrara, design, production and set-up.

Counter with drug drawer for Pharmacies and Parapharmacies

Photo n. 120 - Furniture consisting of counter with medicine cabinet for Pharmacies and Parapharmacies.

Parapharmacy furniture set-up

Photo n. 130 - Design, production and preparation furniture for Parapharmacy made in Turin.

Pharmacy Gondola

Photo n. 140 - Self-supporting double curved display gondola for displaying products for pharmacies, parapharmacies.

Furnitures Healthcare and Orthopedics

Photo n. 150 - Center: Furniture with curved partition wall covered with blow-up for parapharmacy. Left: modular slatted wall for displaying orthopedic footwear.

Orthopedic furnishings

Photo n. 160 - Furniture for orthopedics and healthcare stores.

Orthopedic arrangements

Photo n. 170 - Furnishing for new orthopedics-health, inauguration.

Furniture and Equipment Orthopedics and Healthcare

Photo n. 180 - Design, production and preparation furniture for Orthopedics and Healthcare made in Treviso.

Sanitary Furniture

Photo n. 190 - Complete furniture for sanitary and cosmetic products.

Pharmacies Healthcare Parapharmacies Orthopedics

Photo n. 200 - Bench detail covered in satin steel e cabinet in oak with thick shelves for displaying pharmaceutical products.

Exhibition Wall Parapharmacies

Photo n. 210 - Display elements for parapharmacy shop

Pharmacies Healthcare Parapharmacies Orthopedics

Photo n. 220 - Furniture and equipment for small but specialized and well organized parapharmacy.

Gondola Furniture Parapharmacies and Healthcare

Photo n. 230 - Gondola furniture for Parapharmacy and Sanitary facilities consisting of: white wood structure, glass tops, upper communication.

Healthcare furnishings

Photo n. 240 - Furniture e preparation for sanitary, equipped walls and non-cheap shelving for the display of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medicines. We produce furniture for healthcare, parapharmacies with limited budgets indicated by you starting from 6000 €

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