Complete furnishings and fittings for pharmacies

Effe Arredamenti is: Design PDesign, Production and Preparation of Furnishings for Pharmacies, who respond to Tue needs and at the same time enhance the image of your activity related to the world of health.

We use Furnishing systems for pharmacies both modular and custom designed to create a New and modern pharmacy where each product (drugs, medicines, healthcare products) finds its right place, is well displayed and within easy reach.
Chests of drawers, Adjustable glass shelves, checkout counters, illuminated display cases, gondolas for pharmaciesbacklit shelving, bright images, containers with doors, graphic decorations: this and much more is the essential that Effe Arredamenti offers to everyone You Pharmacists.

Our team of architects and designers is at your disposal and will be able to create one for you detailed 3D design of the Pharmacy with quality Render to never leave anything to chance.
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Examples Pharmacy Furniture

Pharmacy Furniture - Design. Production of furniture and set-up

Photo n. 010 - Complete furnishings for pharmacies, design, production of furnishings and fittings.

Furnishings for pharmacies, design, furniture planning and production

Photo n. 010 - Pharmacy furnishings, project and design by Effe Arredamenti.


Pharmacy set-up - Effe Arredamenti

Photo n. 020 - Complete set up for Pharmacy made in Terni. In the photo: on the left walls equipped with LED lighting system on each wooden shelf adjustable in height thanks to an electrified track, in the center Pharmacy checkout counter with covered front and illuminated frame.

Pharmacy Furniture Design

Photo n. 030 - Planning and Design Pharmacy furniture made in Rome.

Pharmacy furniture

Photo n. 035 - Planning and Design Pharmacy furniture.

Furniture Pharmacies Projects Design

Photo n. 040  - Custom furniture for Pharmacies, Project and Design.

Pharmacy furniture

Photo n. 050 - Design and production Complete furnishing and set-up for Pharmacy made in Bologna.

Pharmacy Counters - Pharmacy Furniture

Photo n. 060 - Pharmacy counters with backlit front and service desk for cup reservations.

Counters for Pharmacies - Retro Counter Furniture - Drawers for Drugs

Photo n. 065 - Pharmacy Counters and Retro Counter Furniture with Drawers for Drugs, pharmacy built in a shopping center.

Furniture for Pharmacies in Shopping Centers

Photo n. 070  - Pharmacy furniture in a shopping center.

Furniture for Pharmacies in Shopping Centers

Photo n. 075  - Pharmacy Furniture, Production Design and Set-up.

Walls Equipped For Pharmacies

Photo n. 080 - Modular equipped walls for pharmacies with adjustable glass shelves, base drawers, upper backlit images.

Planning Pharmacy

Design Furniture Design Pharmacies

Photo n. 100 - Pharmacy Furniture Project and Design.

Pharmacy furnishings Pieve di Cento Bologna

Photo n. 110 -Furniture for Pharmacy furnished in Pieve di Cento - Bologna.

Gondolas For Pharmacies

Gondolas For Pharmacies

Photo n. 113 - Example of modular gondolas for pharmacies, made up of wooden base blocks, adjustable glass shelves and base drawers.

Gondolas for pharmacies with shaped glass tops

Photo n. 115 - Gondola For Pharmacy with shaped base, shaped glass tops, banner with upper printed graphics.

Column gondolas for pharmacies with shaped glass shelves, wooden base

Photo n. 115 - Examples of circular column gondolas for pharmacies with shaped bases, shaped glass tops, banners with upper printed graphics.

Gondolas For Pharmacies with Hooks

Photo n. 115 - Dogata gondola for pharmacy with shaped base, hooks for blistered products and upper banner.

Walls Equipped For Pharmacies

Illuminated Shelving For Pharmacies

Photo n. 110 - Shelving with illuminated wooden shelves for adjustable pharmacies.

Drug drawers for pharmacies

Drawers For Drugs Pharmacy Furniture

Photo n. 130 - Drawers for Drugs for Pharmacies.

Adjustable led illuminated shelves

Illuminated shelves for pharmacies

Photo n. 150 - Led illuminated shelves for pharmacies, height adjustable shelves.

Bench Drawer for Drugs For Pharmacies

Photo n. 160 - Service counter complete with Drawer for Medicines.

Laboratory Furniture For Pharmacies

Laboratory Furniture Performances Self-monitoring Pharmacies

Photo n. 170 - Laboratory furniture and self-monitoring services for pharmacies.

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