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Furniture and Equipment for Perfumeries and Cosmetics Stores

Discover the Examples, ideas and solutions on how to decorate a perfumery together with us in a professional and convenient way.

From the project to the realization. Effe Arredamenti avails itself of the most advanced 3D graphic technologies, today indispensable to guarantee and obtain harmony and harmony between spaces, materials and combinations for a modern and organized perfumery.
Entering into synergy with the customer allows us to achieve complete satisfaction by creating the ideal furniture solution for your business. Our compositions are made up of glass tops, display counters, equipped walls, service shelves, drawer solutions, display cabinets and numerous other components. All this allows us to serve every type of retail store.
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Furnishings For Perfumery and Cosmetics

Photo n. 010 -  Perfumery furnishings and equipment, made in Nigeria, characterized by predominantly polished materials and woods, backlit images, modern style displays with a touch of contemporary style that does not hurt.

Perfumery Furniture made in Mirandola, Modena

Photo n. 020 - Perfumery and Makeup furniture made in Mirandola - Modena.

Furnishings For Perfumery and Cosmetics

Photo n. 030 - Perfumery furniture: walls equipped for the display of perfumes and fragrances for men and women (Armani, Bulgari, Calvin Klein etc.) composed of backlit backrests, upper backlit prints, transparent glass tops, base containers for perfume stocks with a glossy white key. Penisole display units in glass and wood in glossy black.

Example and Furniture Design for Perfumeries

Photo n. 035 – Example and Design of Furnishing and Equipment for Perfumeries

Furniture Cosmetics Stores Perfumes body cleansing products

Photo n. 040 -Furniture for a large cosmetics, perfumery, make-up and body hygiene shop. Services performed: space layout design, modular and customized furniture design, production, delivery, set-up and complete assembly.

Photo 050 - Furniture and preparation of makeup stations for perfume shops.

Furnishings For Perfume Shops Cosmetic Shops Cleaning Products Hygiene Body

Photo n. 060 – Complete furnishings for a large perfume shop, cosmetics and body cleaning products.

Decor Perfumery Illuminated wall unit

Photo n. 070 - Perfumery furniture, perfume display with glass tops and illuminated back, upper celini with 3D writings, cash desk with quartz top.

Perfumery furniture with illuminated floors

Photo n. 080 - Glossy black gondola furniture with led illuminated shelves for displaying perfumes and fragrances.

Furniture for shops of perfumes and customizable artisan fragrances

Photo n. 090 – Furnishings for shops of artisanal and customizable perfumes and fragrances.

Furniture for Cosmetics Shop and Make up

Photo n. 100 - Furniture for cosmetics and make-up display.

Counter for Perfumery Shop

Photo n. 110 - A large cash desk for a large perfumery. Realization and preparation of furniture for perfumery in Perugia, cash desk with colored wooden decorations, top covered in colored glass, back counter composed of modular elements with glass tops, storage units at the base, illuminated upper decorative prints.

Shelving For Deodorant and Shampo Store

Photo n. 120 - Modular shelves in metal and wood for deodorants, shampoos, bubble baths, soaps, body creams, hair removal products, sun creams, etc. well exposed thanks to the tops both in wood and in painted metal with pvc price holder.

Backlit equipped walls for perfumery and cosmetics

Photo n. 130 - Backlit modular equipped walls ideal for perfumery and cosmetics shops.

Led Illuminated Glass Shelves For Displaying Perfumes For Perfumeries

Photo n. 140 – Led illuminated glass shelves for the display of Perfumes, Fragrances, Essences. Furnishing systems ideal for perfume shops and perfumeries.

Gondola furnishings and wooden furniture for perfumeries

Photo n. 150 - Complete wooden furniture and furniture for perfumery.

Preparations For Perfumeries

Photo n. 160 - Complete set-up of perfumery furnishings composed of non-cheap and elegant walls and shelves, two-tone glossy lacquered with backlighting, three-level display tables.

Furniture for perfume shops and hair products

Photo n. 170 - Furniture and furniture for perfume, cosmetics, and hair care and cleaning products.

Wall Furniture Perfumery, detergents and deodorants.

Photo n. 180 - Modular furniture with luminous veils at the top, for wall display of deodorants, soaps and bubble baths.

Illuminated showcase counter for displaying perfumes

Photo n. 190 – In the photo: Counter with LED-lit display cases for perfumes.

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