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Complete furnishings and fittings for kiosks

Effe Arredamenti is design, production and preparation of Complete furnishings for Newsagents, newspaper outlets e kiosks. 

Newspapers, magazines, but also gadgets, toys and services find the most effective and orderly display and functionality for sale thanks to furnishing systems e furnishings that Effe Arredamenti has conceived, conceived and developed to leave nothing to chance and to give the newsagent all the necessary and potential to obtain results in winning sales.

Central magazine exhibitors, upper magazine displays with glass, step displays on the base, cash desks with pockets for magazines display, candy racks, drawers, containers with doors for stocks, walls equipped with rack or upright, horizontal and vertical newspaper displays, etc. This and much more is the indispensable that Effe Arredamenti proposes for all types of newsstands.

if devi Furnish and Set Up a Newsstand, or open or renew a newspaper and service kiosk / point of sale do not wait, Contact us!

Photo n. 010 - Newsstand furniture e Tobacconist's divided into two zones, on the left wall: Newsstand consisting of a wall equipped for displaying magazines and newspapers, on the right wall: cash desk consisting of a newsstand module, cash desk module, tobacconist counter and reception desk.

Exhibition furniture Newsstand and gondolas

Photo n. 020 - Furniture and gondolas for newsstand: in the background modular furniture for magazine display with basic steps, intermediate pockets and upper ceilings with lighting, in the foreground gondolas for displaying school items.

Arredamenti Newsagents exposure newspapers magazines and newsstand

Photo n. 025 - Newsstand furnishings composed of: on the left modular display wall for the display of magazines and newspapers, on the right exhibition newsstand counter.

Newspaper stand Wall display for magazines

Photo n. 030 - Newsstand furniture composed of a modular display wall for the display of magazines and newspapers.

Photo n. 040

Photo n. 050

Photo n. 070

Photo n. 080 - Example modular display unit for newsstands.

Photo n. 100

Modular Bench For Newsagents

Photo n. 110 - Desk for newsstands, made up of modular modules according to your needs, in the foreground gradinal display modules for magazines and newspapers.


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