Large shops and large-scale commercial activities

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Furnishings and fittings for large shops, large commercial spaces and large-scale distribution

We have been serving large shops and commercial groups for years, considering that this is a point of reference for the services we offer through our expertise in the field,
professionalism and experience in the sector, where we are present from 50 years.
Thanks to continuous technological research, new solutions and also thanks to the optimization of the production process and setting up on site,
today we are able to guarantee a wide range of furniture and elegant shelves complete with immediate availability, competitiveness on prices and deliveries.
One of our main strengths is the ability to provide advice and assist the customer in the design phase.
If you need to furnish and set up or renovate a large commercial space or GDO, do not hesitate, contact us!

Arredamenti Allestimenti large Clothing Shoe Shop

Photo n. 006 – In the photograph, a large, functional and elegant 2000 square meter shop: a commercial space fully furnished by Effe Arredamenti in Rome. We have supplied modular and sectional furnishings but also custom-made furnishings for the display of clothing, underwear, footwear, bags, fashion accessories and household items. The procedure for creating this furniture was: project, layout on paper, production, on-site set-up, preparation of advertising banners, test booths, cash desk, display gondolas and much more. A large clothing, footwear and much more store created with a final result that was successful with the customer.

Furniture Layout Large Shop Toys

Photo n. 008 - We created this furniture for a large commercial space for toys and clothing in Agropoli.
Design, production and installation by Effe Arredamenti.
Find out more this realization!

Large Commercial and GDO activities

Photo n. 010 - In Sorrento we have created this large book shop, furnishing a space of 600 square meters.
The complete furniture for this shop was designed on customer request, produced and set up by Effe Arredamenti.
The production of all the furniture is completely made in Italy.

Furniture Set-up Large Shoe and Bags Shop

Photo n. 015 - We have created 1500 square meters of furniture for commercial space in Rome.
This large store is divided into departments: clothing, children, bags, footwear, and fashion accessories.

Photo n. 018 - These are 1800 square meters of commercial space divided into two sectors that Effe Arredamenti has created in Latina.
Here you can buy shoes, bags, fashion accessories, underwear etc. at retail.
A furnishing, as you can see, simple but functional, illuminated with LEDs, intentionally robust to guarantee maximum stability to the continuous movement of the structures and the necessary
support to the mass of goods on display, maximum functionality to allow dozens of shop assistants to often change the display of goods.

Large Commercial Spaces and GDOPhoto n. 020 - Effe Arredamenti has furnished this large Iobimbo shop, for the sale of products for children and babies, in Benevento.
1800 square meters of commercial space, subdivided with art and expertise with exhibit furnishings of toys, videogames, clothing, strollers, food,
ceremonial clothing, diapers, baby hygiene, school, cribs, furniture, etc.

Photo n. 030 - Overview of this large toy and children's product shop that Effe Arredamenti produced and set up on site in Matera.
The furnished area is 2500 square meters.

Large Commercial Spaces and GDO

Photo n. 040 - In the photography department of jeans and clothing well organized and divided into assorted modular gondolas with height-adjustable shelves, hanging rods,
bus holder and price holder for gondolas.

Large Commercial Spaces and GDO

Photo n. 050 - Effe Arredamenti produced and set up the furniture for this winter clothing department, equipped the walls, supplied tables, promotional baskets, gondolas with shelves and hanging rods.

Large Commercial Spaces and GDO

Photo n. 060 - Effe Arredamenti has created this large shop in Prato.
In this overall view, you can see the jeans exhibition department with the modular bilateral gondolas.

Large Commercial Spaces and GDO

Photo n. 070 -The entrance to a large commercial space furnished in Ciampino by Effe Arredamenti.
The photograph shows the frame made and assembled by a partner of Effe Arredamenti, and the series of cash desks.

Photo n. 080 - Department with display gondolas for men's and sports shoes. A large GDO commercial space built in Milan.

Photo n. 090 - In detail photography, large shop furniture for the display of electronic devices for cleaning the body.

Photo n. 100 - Equipped wall for the hardware and tools department of a large shop made by Effe Arredamenti.

Photo n. 110 - In this photo the furniture for the household department and kitchen items for a large shop.

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