Jewelery, Goldsmith, Watch and Costume Jewelery Shops

Furnishings For Jewelers, Goldsmiths, Watch and Costume Jewelery Shops

Effe Arredamenti is Planning e Production and Preparation of Jewelery, Goldsmith, Watch and Costume Jewelery Shops.

From the overall design of the commercial space to the estimate, from on-site surveys to assembly, up to carrying out the complete set-up of the point of sale of precious items. 

Illuminated showcases, display counters, modular equipped walls with hooks for displaying costume jewelery, custom-made furniture, peninsulas: this and much more are the furnishings and furniture that Effe Arredamenti offers for Furnish the Jewelery.

Furnishings studied and designed for create a jewelry retail business new and organized with a modern look but at the same time warm and welcoming, where nothing is left to chance and each product is clearly visible, enhanced and within reach.

The continuous research and development of the staff of designers is always able to offer the best solution for furnishing and exhibition set-up for every commercial activity linked to the world of precious and jewels.

If you need to furnish or renovate a jewelery shop, a costume jewelery shop, a watch shop or a Jewelery, do not hesitate, Contact us!

Furnishings For Jewelers Goldsmiths Watches

Photo n. 010 - In the photo example of Afurnishings for steel jewelry store, consisting of: in the center of the counter with LED illuminated display case, LED illuminated display cases for jewelery, in the foreground display cases for jewelery in the external display case.

Furniture For Jewelers Goldsmiths Watches

Photo n. 020 - Example of realization Furniture for Jewelers, Goldsmiths and Watches.

Jewelery and watch shop fittings

Photo n. 030 - Example of a small jewelery shop designed, produced and set up in the historic center of Rimini.

Furniture Jewelery Shops in Steel, Silver and Gold

Photo n. 040 - Furniture and set-up for a jewelery shop in Rome.

Illuminated Display Showcases Counters For Jewelers

Photo n. 050 - Showcase counters for jewelers, goldsmiths, watches.

Furniture Shops Costume Jewelery Fashion Accessories

Photo n. 060 - Furniture for costume jewelery and fashion accessories shops.

Furniture and Shelving For Display Silverware and Tableware With Illuminated LED shelves adjustable in height

Photo n. 065 - Furniture and shelving for silverware and tableware display with height-adjustable led illuminated shelves

Illuminated Showcases For Exposure Silver Items and Precious Objects

Photo n. 070 - Illuminated Showcases For Exhibiting Silver Items and Precious Objects

Customized Exhibition Furniture For Jewelery Shop Showcase

Photo n. 080 - Customized Exhibition Furniture For Jewelery Shop Showcase

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