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Furnishings, Shelves and Equipment for shops of household goods, household goods and DIY

We design, produce and set up on-site furnishings and shelves complete for shops of household items, household items and DIY.
The company has designed and created over time, thanks also to your help and your availability, modular furniture systems in metal and wood that are functional, beautiful and robust.

They are suitable for the promotion, display and classification of all household products such as plates, glasses, table lamps, clocks,
hygiene products such as deodorants; detergents, vases, chairs, tables, work tools (DIY), light bulbs, pots and much more.
If you need to furnish or renovate a shop for housewares, housewares and bricolage, don't wait, contact us!

Furniture Set-up Shop Articles Casa Verona

Photo n. 006 - In the foreground, the slogan of this department of the store designed and built by us: Clean is Beautiful.
Many housewives think so, so this department is dedicated to them.
Effe Arredamenti has created all the furniture and complete set-up for this large shop of products and items for cleaning, home and personal hygiene, built in Verona.
See the other photos on this realization!

Casalinghi and Brico

Photo n. 007 - In this display wall you will find everything that can be used in the bedroom: duvets, blankets and sheets.
We spend a lot of time in the bedroom so we know how important it is to always be in a comfortable environment.
Effe Arredamenti: Modular furniture for home linen shop.

Casalinghi and Brico

Photo n. 008 - In the foreground, a table that fits well in your garden, perhaps under a canopy or under a gazebo.
In the background, on the recessed display tables and on the shelves, always in line with the furniture and functions for the garden.

Casalinghi and Brico

Photo n. 009 - A beautiful display wall of products for cleaning the house and its hygiene: detergents, dishwashing detergents, window cleaners, etc. Designed with elegant and not cheap furniture and shelves composed of modular modular metal backs painted with anti-scratch powders, metal shelves adjustable in height with price holder and colored decoration band.
When designing the furniture for this shop, we also took care of the upper wall: the color was designed to characterize the look of the shop;
the positioning of the graphics allows a clear categorization of the products.

Casalinghi and Brico

Photo n. 015 - In the corner wall, shelving for detergents and household products.

Furniture Stores Shelves Deodorants Home

Photo n. 017 - On the self-supporting metal gondolas (ie not fixed to the wall) are exposed perfumes, deodorants and household products.

Furnishings Kitchen and household items shops

Photo n. 020 - In this photograph you can see a custom-made furniture with a modern design for a kitchenware shop: pots, utensils, cutlery find a new, characteristic and at the same time functional display furniture.

Furniture and equipment Stores of household and household items

Photo n. 023 - In the central display modules and in the display wall, robots and articles in general for every need in the kitchen.
Even in the kitchen we spend a lot of time in our lives, so it is important that it is well equipped, modern and functional.
Furnishing and complete set-up for shop in Franchising specialized in the retail sale of household items.

Casalinghi and Brico

Photo n. 025 - Here you can find everything you need for your chandeliers, light points and table lamps: spare bulbs, of all shapes and sizes, and of any power, including low energy consumption bulbs.

Casalinghi and Brico

Photo n. 030 - An overview of a part of the store.

Casalinghi and Brico

Photo n. 040 - As you can see, the articles are always well exposed so as not to create confusion. In the foreground, flowerpots of all sizes and shapes.

Casalinghi and Brico

Photo n. 050 - The store is also men's underwear and clothing for DIY and work

Set up of household linen shop

Photo n. 060 - Furniture for home linen shop: elegant and refined environment, created thanks to our furnishings, you can see the linen. On the recessed display tables,
mouquettes and carpets in general that will give an extra touch to your bathroom or your entrance.

Modular furnishings show linen house towels

Photo n. 070 - A modular wall equipped for the display of household linen in general.
If you have seen what you saw and read, do not hesitate to contact us or visit other places on our site.
Thank you for your attention, Effe Arredamenti.

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