Gondolas for Shops

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Gondolas for Shops and Shelves with Gondola of Quality

A world of solutions for the Centro Stanza.
Effe Arredamenti designs and manufactures a wide range of Center Room Elements and gondolas for shops modular and customized, gondola shelves high quality, in melamine and metal, with slotted uprights or with built-in rack, smooth or slatted backs Bilateral gondolas, Stender and much more.
All the products are of our production, entirely unique and original and exclusively Italian with the best materials, exclusive design Effe Arredamenti.

Gondolas for shops

Photo n. 010 - Modular double T display gondola with gondola heads, which can be accessorized, self-supporting and double-sided, gondola heads that can be accessorized.

Gondolas with printed heads, paint shop

Photo n. 020 - Modular display gondola with printed gondola heads, gondolas that can be accessorized, self-supporting and double-sided.

Gondole stender clothes hanger

Photo n. 030 - Gondole stender hanger with lower wheels, ideal for the display of shirts and clothing in general.

Gondola hanging rod and height-adjustable shelves in clothing store

Photo n. 040 - Gondola with hanging rail and height-adjustable shelves for clothing stores.

Example Gondolas modular children's clothing

Photo n. 050 - Example of Gondolas ideal for displaying children's clothing.

3-tier display tables

Photo n. 060 - 3-level center room display tables.

Curved exhibition gondolas

Photo n. 070 - Display curved slatted gondolas for underwear shop.

Gondolas For Pharmacies and Parapharmacies

Photo n. 080 - Gondolas with shaped glass tops ideal for Pharmacy, Parapharmacies and health care.

Gondolas Pharmacies Modular Parapharmacies

Photo n. 085 - Modularì gondolas for Pharmacy with adjustable shaped glass tops, also ideal for health parapharmacies e perfumeries.

modular gondolas with shaped head and circular tops

Photo n. 090 - Block of modular gondolas with shaped head and circular tops, pet shop

Gondolas for Shops

Photo n. 100 - Series of bilateral slatted gondolas with bases for displaying school backpacks

gondolas display toys

Photo n. 110 - Modular gondolas with wooden shelves for displaying toys, front with shaped slatted headboards.

Gondolas with sides and shelves in the grid

Photo n. 120 - Containment gondolas with base and sides in grid for displaying baby diapers.

Array of modular shelving gondolas - Pharmacy

Photo n. 130 - Array of modular shelving gondolas that can be accessorized with display head.

Mobile gondola

Photo n. 140 - Mobile gondola, ideal for displaying footwear and storing shoe boxes.

Wine bottles display gondolas

Photo n. 150 - Example bilateral gondolas with adjustable shelves, cross box for displaying wine bottles, ideal for food shops and wine bars.

Gondolas with shaped slatted headboard

Photo n. 160 - Modular gondola with lower adjustable shelves and shaped slatted headboard.

Gondolas for Shops

Photo n. 170 - Bilateral slatted modular gondola with accessorised headboard.

Illuminated display gondolas for shops

Photo n. 180 - Series of illuminated display gondolas for shops.

Gondolas for Shops

Photo n. 200 - Display of laptops via self-supporting gondolas and accessorised heads.

Gondolas for haberdashery

Photo n. 210 - Gondolas for wool display, ribbons for haberdashery shop.

Gondola can be equipped with glass top

Photo n. 220 - Gondola that can be equipped with a transparent glass display top.

Gondolas for Shops

Photo n. 230 - Gondolas for displaying bags and leather goods.

Gondolas for perfumeries and pharmacies

Photo n. 240 - Furnishing of display gondolas for perfumeries and pharmacies

Gondolas for flat illuminated perfumeries

Photo n. 250 - Bilateral self-supporting gondola displays with illuminated glass shelves for perfume display.

Gondolas for stationery

Photo n. 280 - Gondola block for stationery with staved headboard.


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