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Furniture and fittings for clothing stores for men, women and children

Effe Arredamenti designs, builds and sets up on site furnishings for clothing stores for men, women and children.
Furnishings designed and studied for the display and optimal classification of apparel products, both modular and custom-made furnishing systems, customizable thanks to the various finishes of woods, varnishes and lacquers, made available to obtain a unique overview.

Furthermore, our wide range of accessories allows you to further enhance your store and to organize spaces in the best way.
Choosing Effe Arredamenti means using a company that can allow your store to have all the potential to succeed.

If you need to Furnish or Renew a Men's or Women's Clothing Store, do not wait, contact us!

Furniture Shop Modern Clothing

Photo n. 010 - In this beautiful overview a clothing store shoes and accessories for women.
Columns and display counters made with the competition of polished steel, lacquered woods, LED lighting, make this shop welcoming and functional.
We have created this shop as a tailor-made suit: the study of the furnishings, the plasterboard, the false ceiling,
some light points have been completely customized, taking care of every detail.

Furniture For Showcases Shop Women's Clothing

Photo n. 015 - The windows of the women's clothing store. Featured examples of furniture and complete clothing.

Furniture For chains of summer clothing shops in cotton

Photo n. 017 - A complete furnishing photograph for a chain of summer cotton clothing stores.
The furniture is composed of uprights fixed to the wall with their set of shelves that can be assembled and dismantled according to your needs.
The panels fixed to the wall have a built-in rack that allows you to space in the arrangement of the shelves.

Furniture Shop Modern Clothing

Photo n. 020 - Two rough reinforced concrete columns create an obstacle to the global image of the store, now they are transformed and become two elegant and functional exhibition focuspoints. We have designed and manufactured these furnishings for the display of clothing, footwear and bags that use the columns and propose a symmetry of the global space of the store.
Well lit rooms and shelves with LEDs, polished steel finishes. The light illuminates the product but the light source remains hidden.

Furniture Store Casual Clothing Young

Photo n. 023 - We have studied this furniture, including the nice wall with exposed bricks, to enhance and identify a style of casual, young and trendy clothing.
The uprights, the basic structure of the wall decoration, are fixed to the wall, so that it can remain visible.

Furniture Store Clothing in a contemporary style

Photo n. 024 - In this beautiful picture, you can see the equipped walls and the central exhibition elements.
The furniture is characterized by metal parts in rough treated iron and wooden parts with a decapè wood finish.
All this to create, in our and your intentions, a particular atmosphere where the furniture has a strong effect of contrast with the latest trend clothing exposed.

Botique Furniture

Photo n. 025 - Effe Arredamenti is also set up for boutiques. In photography, furniture is deliberately essential to give your garment the maximum emphasis.
Each product is exhibited through linear design furnishings.

Shop Furniture Clothing for men and children

Photo n. 030 - 2000 square meters, a large, functional and elegant shop has been completely furnished by Effe Arredamenti with the complete supply of both modern furniture and modular shelving, modular but also custom furniture for the complete display of clothing and underwear for women, man and child. The space, the routes, the product areas, from the project to the layout on paper, to the complete production and preparation of the furniture on site, from advertising banners, to test booths, from the cash desk to the exhibition gondolas for the center-room and much more yet. A large clothing store made with a more than excellent final result has given satisfaction and success to our customers.

Manufacture Great Clothing store man woman child

Photo n. 035 - In the foreground the circular display that allows you to give a touch of imagination and save space.
This overview gives you the opportunity to evaluate the quality of this store and the quality of our furnishings.
You can exhibit your clothes as you think is best: with circular displays, with inclined displays, with display gondolas, with fitted walls,
to maximize the surface of your store.

Furnishings Stores Children's Clothing

Photo n. 037 - Setting up of a large children's clothing store, featuring: equipped modules with rack for hooks, shaped with ornamental curves,
gondola heads with images of printed children, three-level display table for folded clothing.

Furniture Store Men's Clothing

Photo n. 040 - Men's clothing in 80 square meters. Effe Arredamenti has dealt with this surface using niches containing backlit and display-equipped walls.
These niches have wooden frames at the sides that create the effect of an exhibition framework.
The shop center has been divided and furnished with three-level circular exhibitors, circular standers for sweaters, service tables.

Furniture Shop Man Clothing

Photo n. 050 - The photo shows the furniture for the men's clothing department of a large retail store. The furnishings and fittings are characterized by sharp black and white colors and wall furniture with a built - in rack that allows the maximum versatility of the accessories to hook the rack, which are divided into shelves, rods, hooks, hooks etc. to obtain solutions and visual display walls that are always changeable and interchangeable according to the seasons and according to the items of clothing displayed. The superior advertising banners complete the overall image of the walls making them pleasant and characterize the men's department.

Furnishings walls Equipped for Clothing Store

Photo n. 060 - Equipped wall furnishing elements cover and allow the exposure of the walls making them functional and suitable for displaying clothing items, either folded on shelves or hung on inclined front rails, all adjustable in height thanks to a minimal rack aluminum built into wooden panels. All the furniture for this small clothing store is white with black finishes, colors highlighted thanks to the graphics that Effearredamenti has designed, printed and placed to get a fresh and youthful look.

Furniture For Shop Clothing for Children and Girls

Photo n. 070 - A simple and functional clothing store for boys and girls consisting of: a modular and modular furniture in warm wood, bright and light on the walls, a very useful and convenient three-level circular table for the display of folded clothing, hanging rack for hanging circular metal t-shirts with wood trim, a functional service table with wooden under-counter. Floor supplied and mounted by EffeArredamenti. Simplicity, modularity and functionality characterize the commercial space of this small but beautiful shop for children.

Equipped Wall Furnishings with Test Cameras

Photo n. 080 - A plasterboard wall divides the area of ​​the fitting rooms from the rest of the large men's and children's clothing store. Covered with modular and modular display wall furniture, they create an expositive, functional and attractive focus with the result of obtaining privacy for consumers and at the same time making the most of the space making it pleasant. The pleasant prints placed in the appropriate spaces complete the visual fashion of the shop completely furnished by EffeArredamenti.

Overview Women's Clothing Store Rome

Photo n. 090 - An overview of a new clothing store furnished and set up in Rome where the need was to contain and display the largest number of women's clothing items without renouncing the order and visibility of each individual item. EffeArredamenti has thus designed and produced essential and sturdy furnishings with the precise intent of exposing as many items as possible of folded and hung articles, always taking full advantage of the interchangeability and layout of modular and accessorised furnishings.

Equipped Wall Display Casual Clothing Young Man

Photo n. 100 - When everything is well exposed and within reach, the consumer is invited to purchase more easily. This photo shoot focuses attention on the furniture and outfitting of a clothing store for children where it is clearly visible how Effe Arredamenti's client has been able to use the infinite display solutions thanks to the furnishings studied and designed to offer the maximum possibility and diversification of clothing exposure.

Gondole furnishings Appenderie Clothing

Photo n. 110 - In the foreground the furniture and the hanging gondolas are clearly visible for the orderly and bilateral exposure of the garments, made up of a minimal titanium metal structure and a satin glass top.

Furniture Large Equipment Shop Clothing and Footwear

Photo n. 120 - Como, a large clothing outlet store, Effe Arredamenti has designed, produced and prepared all the furniture, both modular and tailor-made for the display of men's and women's clothing and footwear, a casual, simple yet functional style of furniture .

Superdry corner clothing store furniture

Photo n. 130 - Well visible in the picture is this department / corner Superdry a well-known modern and youthful clothing brand for which Effe Arredamenti has developed a simple and functional furniture with a new and youthful style in the workshop style.

Furniture Clothing store in Como

Photo n. 140 - Large and imposing, neoclassical style is the external facade of this large store in Como. EffeArredamenti boasts the study, design and production of all the interior display furniture for this men's and women's clothing store.

Concept of workshop design, craft workshop, for clothing store furniture

Photo n. 140 - This Concept was designed by Effe Arredamenti to create a new and unique atmosphere that fits well even for a new clothing store that evokes the atmosphere of a workshop, a storage environment, a craft shop and so on. The furniture has been designed to give the impression that everything is improvised over time and every material is recycled, from pallets to packing crates for the cash desk and furniture with doors, from the old rusty irons to the supports, to wooden shelves raw recovered from some construction site here and there, from chandeliers created with old rusty cups to an old and worn out door recovered who knows where.

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