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Complete furniture and fittings for shoe and leather goods shops

Effe Arredamenti produces furniture and sets up shops of footwear, shoes and leather goods in the place you choose.
Effe Arredamenti is also furniture and fittings for men's, women's and children's shoes.
We help you with our experience in organizing the furnishings in a clear way, so that people who visit your store are invited to purchase.
Everything is at your fingertips. Practical, functional, elegant and versatile furnishing systems to display footwear and leather goods.
If you need to furnish or renovate a men's, women's or children's footwear and leather goods store, do not hesitate, contact us.

Furniture store shoes bags

Photo n. 006 - As you can see, our furnishings are made to bring out your articles to the full.
This elegant shop has been set up in central Rome on an area of ​​80 square meters, with furniture, drawers, desks and windows designed entirely to measure, gloss lacquered with steel finishes, rooms with LED lighting.

Modular Furniture For Shoe Stores

Photo n. 007 - This shoe and leather goods shop was created in Riano (Rome).
To notice in the foreground the furniture: box holders and stocks on the lower part and exposure of the footwear in the upper part.
In the background, the wall is completely furnished and modular with shelves that give maximum prominence to your bags and shoes.

Furniture furnishings illuminated shop footwear bags

Photo n. 007 - Furniture with led illuminated niches, more containers with lower doors, all glossy lacquered with mirrored steel edges.
This piece of furniture has been custom made.
Note the display with the glass upper part.

Large furniture store Geox shoes

Photo n. 010 - Furniture and equipment on the site of a large men's, women's and children's shoe store in Palermo.

Corner shop furniture footwear corner nerogiardini

Photo n. 015 - In this photograph taken in the corner of this shop, the furnishings for the Nerogiardini footwear exhibition are clearly visible.
The furnishings, the exhibition and functional gondolas also for storing stocks, the equipped walls are glossy white.

Furniture Shop Shoes for Children

Photo n. 017 - This shoe shop, of which we see here a small glimpse dedicated to children, was created by Effe Arredamenti in Potenza.

Furniture and Large Equipment Shop Footwear

Photo n. 020 - Effe Arredamenti designed and set up this great shoe store in Nepi.
1500 square meters of commercial space dedicated to the retail sale of footwear and fashion accessories.

Shop Display Exposure Kids Shoes Lelli Kelly

Photo n. 025 - Display of Lelli Kelly products (children's shoes). The furniture can be both modular and, at your request, custom made with floral decorations.

Furniture Shop Layout Exposure Kids footwear

Photo n. 030 - In photography, furnishing of a footwear department for boys and children.
Central wooden furniture with lower compartments for reserve boxes and top top for direct exposure of your products.

Shoe store outlet furnishings

Photo n. 040 - Construction of a footwear outlet in L'Aquila, with both custom-made and modular furnishings, simple but practical.

Wall Furniture Equipped for Exposure Footwear

Photo n. 050 - Furnishing a shop with a wall equipped and functional for displaying items, back panels with rack (the vertical hinge that supports the hooks of the shelves) for displaying women's shoes on glass tops.
We made this store in Novara.

Furniture and shelves for outlet show footwear bags

Photo n. 060 - In perspective photography, quality furniture and shelves for outlet stores specialized in the sale of bags and shoes.

Set up shop furniture, Ciabatte area and sandals

Photo n. 070 - Furniture and equipment on the site of an outlet located in Battipaglia.
In the foreground the slippers and sandals department, in the background the area with furniture for the exhibition of sports shoes for women and test sessions.

Illuminated Furniture Exposure Bags Leather Goods

Photo n. 080 - In this series of glass exhibition niches with lighting designed for the specific case, we have the bags and leather goods department of this store
that Effe Arredamenti has created: furniture with illuminated compartments and glossy white glass shelves, display counter with a display case for wallets and leather accessories.

Gondolas show footwear exhibition

Photo n. 100 - You can see in the foreground the women's sandals and shoes department, made up of modular gondolas with metal display shelves to show off the footwear in an optimal way.

Frau Geox footwear shops furnishings

Photo n. 110 - In this overall picture you can see the furnishings of a large shoe store with customization of the furniture itself for Frau Geox and Nerogiardini.

Large furniture shop sports footwear

Photo n. 120 - In this overview you can admire the furnishing of this sports footwear department in Milan.

Modular Furniture and Gondolas for Footwear and Shoes

Photo n. 130 - Modular furniture with display gondola for footwear and leather goods retail outlets.
Note the large, spacious test session.

Large Furniture Shop Shoes Woman Man Child

Photo n. 140 - Overlaid by large stripes indicative of the contents of the department, footwear for women and children.

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