The furniture for your new store or to be renewed

Discover the furnishings and fittings for your shop according to the following categories:


Look at some of the large Commercial Spaces we have furnished


3500 Mq

of furnished commercial surface

Large Furniture Shop Toys, Clothing, Footwear and Food for Children.



950 Mq

of furnished commercial surface

Furniture and complete set-up for large shop of bags, shoes, leather goods and fashion accessories



850 Mq

of furnished commercial surface

Design, production and assembly of complete furniture for animal products shop.



Discover the latest achievements

Discover some of the latest furniture and fittings designed and manufactured throughout Italy and abroad with great and full satisfaction of our customers

Franchising Shop Furniture

Make Your Brand unique and original

Make your Brand unique and original with a strong and recognizable idea.
Effe Arredamenti is the creation, development and production of complete furniture for your Franchising network

Shop furnishings:

We have made some of the latest achievements to:

Rome Bologna Firenze Verona Latin Livorno Genoa Ferrara Venezia Sorrento Perugia Salerno

Naturally, these are a small part of the set up. We are operating throughout Italy, from Sicily to Val d'Aosta, but also abroad, Europe, Africa, Russia.

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In addition 40 years of experience in the field
Thousands of shops made
in Italy and in the world

Effe Arredamenti, in over 40 years, has created Shops, Shopping Centers, Bars, Franchising Chains,
thousands of achievements, gaining experience and professionalism in the sector,
skills always made available to its customers.

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Effe Arredamenti Shops

Effe Arredamenti, founded in 1967 by Antonio Ferri in Pesaro, has designed, furnished and set up shops, shopping centers and hotels throughout Italy and abroad.

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