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Effe Arredamenti is the design, production and preparation of furnishings for shops, commercial spaces and hotels.
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Discover the furnishings and fittings for your shop according to the following categories:


Examples, ideas and solutions on how to furnish and set up a shop

The following is a selection of examples, ideas and solutions of how we have furnished shops and commercial spaces, designed, produced and furnished by Effe Arredamenti.
Discover color combinations, the combined materials, the decorations used, the trends and exhibition furniture appropriate for each commercial activity.
If you want to open or renovate a commercial business, a shop or point of sale of any product category, don't hesitate, contact us!
We have the specific solutions for each product category, since this It's our work for over 40 years!

Example and Furnishing Solution for Clothing, Footwear and Bags Store designed and built

Example of How to Furnish a Modern Shop of Clothing Shoes Bags

Photo n. 007 - Example and furnishing solution designed and built For Clothing, Footwear and Bags Shops.
Discover how to furnish a clothing, footwear and bags shop looking at all the other photos and videos of this our realization!

Furniture Solution for Bags and Leather Goods Shop realized

Realizations Furniture Shops Bags and Leather Goods Great brands

Photo n. 010 - Achievements Furniture Shops Bags and Leather Goods Great brands, Bastia Umbra, Perugia.
Discover how to furnish a bag and leather goods shop looking at all the other photos of this our realization!

Equipment designed and created for clothing stores

design idea clothing stores for men and women

Photo n. 020 - Realization Furniture and furniture for clothing store .

Shop for children, designed and created

How to furnish a shop for children examples ideas solutions adopted

Photo n. 030 - Furniture shop for clothing, footwear and toys Kids To Power.
Discover how to furnish a shop for children looking at all the other photos of  this realization!

Examples Furnishings for Pharmacies and Parapharmacies in a shopping centre

Example and Design Solutions and Furniture for Pharmacies

Photo n. 035 - Realization Complete furnishings for pharmacies.  Discover how to furnish a pharmacy looking at the latest solutions and achievements made

Furnishing solutions Pharmacies, Parapharmacies, Healthcare, Orthopedics

Photo n. 040 - Realization Complete furnishings for parapharmacies, healthcare e Beauty at the shopping centre. cHow to furnish a Parapharmacy or a Healthcare?  Look at the latest solutions and achievements made

Example Enoteca and typical products made

Example of Winery and Typical Products Enoteca realization

Photo n. 050 - Furniture For Wine Cellar and example of set-up made for a winery.

Creation of a large women's and men's clothing store

Example Realization of furnishings for clothing stores

Photo n. 060 - Example of Large furniture Clothing store made in Rome.

Example and Design of How to Furnish a Pet Shop with Effe Arredamenti

Photo n. 065 - Example and Design of How to Furnish a Pet Shop with Effe Arredamenti: Design is the key to create an attractive and functional pet shop. That's why, the our team of designers talented work with you to create a unique experience for your customers and their animals. We only use the best materials and pay particular attention to detail to create a welcoming and lasting environment. Check out other solutions  Furniture For Pet Shops.

Furnishing solution conceived and created for a large children's shop

Solution Furnishings Set up Large Children's Shop Matera

Photo n. 080 - Realization furnishings for a large children's store in Matera, discover everything  the furniture conceived, designed, produced and prepared by Effe Arredamenti

Example of perfumery made in Modena

Example idea Design Perfumery Realization Modena

Photo n. 085 - Realization of furniture Perfumery Cosmetics and Makeup made in Mirandola - Modena. Find out how to furnish a perfumery together with us, see all the photos and videos of this realization!

Example Wine Cellar Preparation at the Estate

Example Furniture Tenuta Cantina Vini farm

Photo n. 090 - Example of Wine Cellar Furnishing and Equipment at the Agricultural Estate.

Sports Shop Furnishing Solution, construction in Rome

Realizations shop furnishing - Sport

Photo n. 100 - Realization of furniture for point of sale Sports shop in Rome. Find out how to furnish a sports shop looking at all the other photos of this realization!

 Footwear shop, Nero Giardini corner

Solution idea furniture stores Footwear, Shoes, Leather Goods

Photo n. 110 - Realization Shoes Shop Furniture Nero Giardini corner.

Custom made optics

How to furnish Optic store - Example realization

Photo n. 120 - Ideas, solutions, technical development and production, discover how to decorate a lens looking at all the photos on this set up for Optics. Effe Arredamenti: Furniture for octane.

Example Furniture Oil shop and typical products at an oil mill

How to furnish a shop with typical products and oil at an oil mill

Photo n. 120 - Example and furnishing solutions for oil shops and typical products, discover how to furnish a typical food shop looking at all the photos on the section: Furniture Shops Food and typical products

Example Shop Garden Plants and Flowers

Example Tobacconist's Stationery, designed and built

Example of Tobacconist's, Ricevitoria, Edicola and Cartoleria - Furnishing

Photo n. 140 - Furniture For  Tobacco-Ricevitoria , Newsstand e Stationery made in Ferrara.
Check out the other photos on this realization!

Furnishing example Modular perfumery

Shop furniture realizations - Perfumery

Photo n. 150 - Realization Furnishings for perfumery and cosmetics, find out more about how we furnish the perfumeries

Example Bar, Tobacconist Cafeteria Ricevitoria built, Bologna

Example of furniture Bar Tobacconist's shop, coffee shop

Photo n. 160 - Example of Furniture For Bar Cafeteria Tobacconist's and Ricevitoria made in Bologna.

Example of stationery made in Lecce

Furniture For Stationery Shop, Equipment in Lecce

Photo n. 180 - Realization Stationery Furnishings in Lecce, Planning, Design and Production by Effe Arredamenti.

Examples of fashion accessories and bags shops created

Example and Design of Furnishings for Bags and Fashion Accessories Shop in the center of Bologna

Photo n. 185 – Bag shop furniture and Fashion Accessories  made in Bologna.

Example Hi-Tech, Computer, IT and Telephony shop

Example and Design Shop Furniture - Computer Computer Telephony Smartphone

Photo n. 210 - Example and Design Realization Furniture for Computer Shops e Telephony.

Shabby chic style children's shop furniture

Creation of furniture stores - Children, Infants

Photo n. 220 - Avellino, realization of wall furniture for Ceremonial clothing store for children and newborn chain stores I Bimbo.
Modular Furniture For Shop with a touch of shabby chic style.

Example Clothing Store and Modern Bags

Example shop furniture ideas bags clothing leather goods

Photo n. 230 - Example Realization of clothing store furniture, bags and footwear in Milan.

Shop furnishing - Clothing Example Colors Gold and White

Photo n. 240 - Solution Clothing Store Furniture . Example of furniture characterized by an essential style, main colors used: gold metal and white wood.

Photography Shop Example

Example Photography Store How to Furnish it

Photo n. 260 - Example of a Photography Shop Realization, Discover How to furnish a photography shop looking at the other photos of this preparation

Perfumery shop, cleaning products of the body and the home

Creation of furniture stores - Products for the body and the home

Photo n. 280 - Perfume shop furniture, home cleaning products, cosmetics, make-up in Bussolengo, Verona.
Check out the other photos on this realization!

Example Library, realization in Florence

Example Enoteca and typical products made

Example Realization of shop furniture - Wine shop, Typical Products

Photo n. 300 - Furnishings for wine shops and realized example of shop furnishing of typical products set up in Dolo - Venice.

Arredo Animal Shop, power supply

Large Clothing Store, Rome

Achievements Furniture Shop Decorations

Photo n. 320 - Great achievement: Furniture and Equipment for Clothing Store Man, Woman and Child. Made in Rome


Look at some of the large commercial spaces that we have furnished


3500 Mq

of furnished commercial surface

Large Shop Furniture Sports, Clothing, Tennis, Swimming, Football and much more.

Effe furnishings

Colleferro - Rome

850 Mq

of furnished commercial surface

Complete furnishing and set-up for a large clothing, footwear, leather goods and fashion accessories shop



850 Mq

of furnished commercial surface

Design, production and assembly of complete furniture for Garden shop.


Franchising Shop Furniture

Make Your Brand unique and original

Make your Brand unique and original with a strong and recognizable idea.
Effe Arredamenti is the creation, development and production of complete furniture for your Franchising network

Shop furnishings:

Some of the latest creations we have made at:

Roma Bologna Florence Verona Latina Livorno GenoVa Ferrara Venice Sorrento Perugia Salerno

Of course these are a small part of the set-ups. We are operating throughout Italy, from Sicily to Val d'Aosta, but also abroad, Europe, Africa, Russia.

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Effe Arredamenti, in over 40 years, has created Shops, Shopping Centers, Bars, Franchising Chains,
thousands of achievements, gaining experience and professionalism in the sector,
skills always made available to its customers.

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Effe Arredamenti, founded in 1967 by Antonio Ferri in Pesaro, has designed, furnished and set up shops, shopping centers and hotels throughout Italy and abroad.

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