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Furnishings and fittings TABACCHERIE RECEIVITORIES

Effe Arredamenti Designs, Produces and ProvidesSet up of furnishings for tobacconists and receivers with a high level of customization.
Cigarettes, smoking articles, Scratch and Win, Sisal and Lottomatica find the most effective exposure and organization for sale, thanks to EffeArredamenti furnishing systems, which he conceived, conceived and developed to leave nothing to chance and give the customer all the potential to achieve great results.
Glass tops, display counters with display cabinets, illuminated perimeter display cabinets, drawer units, storage cupboard doors, back-lit wall units, card holders, pushed automatic packages, etc. this and much more is the essential that Effe Arredamenti proposes for all Tobacco stores and retail outlets.
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Furniture For Tobacco Shops

Photo n. 003 - Complete furniture for Tobacconist, Receipt and Scratch and Win. Cash counter and Reception counter with marble top, assorted interior of tops, drawers, open compartments, computer compartments and removable shelves.
Retro counter made up of modular walls equipped with glass tops and display units for cigarettes, basic drawers, ceilings with backlit prints.

Furnishings Installations Tobacconists Newsagents

Photo n. 005 - Furniture and complete set-up realized for tabaccheria ricevitoria and edicola.

Furniture For Tobacco Shops

Photo n. 006 - Furnishing for Tobacconists and Bookshops in Bologna at the Shopping Center.
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Mobile Banco Tabaccheria Ricevitoria and Retrobanco

Photo n. 007 - In the picture: in the foreground, a cash desk, a tobacconist's office and a reception counter with a glass jug, a second-floor wall equipped with wooden shelves and dividers for displaying cigarette packs.

Retro Bank Cash Counter Tobacconist

Photo n. 008 - Retro Bank Counter For Tobacco Shop and Receiver with terminal stations Sisal, assorted with shelves, open compartments and drawers.

Furniture for Tobacconist and Stationery

Photo n. 010 - Furniture for tobacconist, receivers, stationery: in the foreground, modular stations for receipt compilations.

Preparation of the Tabaccheria Furnishings Receipt of smoking items

Photo n. 040 - Allestimento complete furnitures for tabaccheria and ricevitoria.

Display Cabinets Cigarettes and loose tobacco with maps

Photo n. 050 - Backside tobacco shop tobacconist, consisting of cigarette displays, drawers, furniture with doors, display cabinets, panels with aluminum slats.

Furniture Snack Bar Tobacconist

Photo n. 060 - Design, layout, furniture production complete with chairs, counter and tables for snack-bar tobacconist.

Banco Tabaccheria with illuminated windows

Photo n. 070 - Large, new and impressive is the bench for this tobacconist and bookstore, characterized by large lower illuminated display cases, a superior scratch and winery display to make the most of the space, back-counter with cigarette display modules both in classic packages and loose-cut tobacco in envelopes, while at the bottom and at the top have been placed furniture containers with sliding doors for stocks.

Tobacconist furnishings Newsstand Newsstand Snack bar

Photo n. 073 - Complete termination for tobacconist, newsagent, reception and snack bar.

Furniture for Tobacco Shops

Photo n. 075 - Show room: Reproduction of a shop furnished for newsstands, tobacconists, receivers and various smoking items on showcases.

Receiving tobacconistry with illuminated desk modules and glass backsplashes

Photo n. 080-

Tabaccheria ricevitoria

Photo n. 090

Modular Walls Equipped for Tobacco Shops

Photo n. 095 - Equipped display walls with specific accessories for tobacconists and receivers.

Modular Walls for Tobacco Shops Exposure Scratch and Win

Photo n. 100 - Modular walls for the specific exposure of cigarettes and scratch cards.

Mobile workstation Compilation Scratch Cards

Photo n. 110 - Furniture for reception areas, area for filling out tickets.

Bench retro Banco Tabacchi

Photo n. 120 - Cash counter with angled wall for tobacco display, loose tobacco, maps, lighters and smoking accessories.

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